Details of this blog In the class library createNewFile() method

public class CreateNewFileTest { public staticvoid main(String[] args) { File
f = null; boolean bool = false; try { f =new File("study.txt"); bool =
f.createNewFile(); System.out.println("file Exist?" +bool); bool = f.delete();
System.out.println("file Exist?" +bool); bool = f.exists();
System.out.println("file Exist?" +bool); } catch (IOExceptione) {
e.printStackTrace(); } } }

output :

file Exist?true

file Exist?true

file Exist?false

analysis :

File file = new File("xx"); Represents a file under a path

createNewFile() return boolean, Indicates whether the file was created successfully

file.delete() return boolean, Indicates that the file was deleted successfully

f.exists() return boolean, Indicates whether the file exists

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