“ You need to learn it quietly python, And then it's amazing ”, This classic adaptation , Tiktok: I believe many people have seen it when they are shaking their voices .
you 're right , In modern society , learn python, You can fly , because “ it ” 's applications are everywhere .
Good skills should start from dolls , It's true that many primary school students have begun to learn python, Many more 6 Year old children python Enlightenment Course .
Maybe you don't want to study like a primary school student python, Then I advise you not to stay get I can't help but blurt a word when I get to this skill :“ wow ! Real fragrance !”

learn python What are the benefits ?

Learned python To seize the new opportunity of AI , And easy to operate , Don't worry about promotion and raise in the future , It is widely used , Yes python It's your home court everywhere ! Farewell to staying up late and working overtime , Become a God in the eyes of colleagues !

since python So fragrant , Of course, we need to arrange a live broadcast , Share the fragrance with my friends .

We specially invited Mr. Hu Shumin , A famous foreign enterprise data analysis architect with many years of development experience , Now, too python Contributors to the series .

She will take her python Practical experience and concentration in 《 Based on stock big data analysis Python Introduction practice 》 The essence of this book , stay 5 month 26 day 20 Punctuation , stay 【 Reading time
Encounter code 】 Leading all cute new people to play together in the live program python, Master data analysis and machine learning .

Let's talk about friendship , There are some dry goods in Mr. Hu's courseware !
1. Learning by stock example python Data analysis
2. Introduction to zero basis python Data analysis three swordsmen
3. Linear regression algorithm and svm Introduction to zero basis classifier
4. Machine learning based on forecasting stock

Interested newcomers , Scan the code or add wechat to the group .【 wechat number :vipcsdn】 remarks " Reading time " Into a group .⬇️⬇️⬇️

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