Now our work is almost inseparable from the computer , Network is indispensable , So if in the process of work , The computer browser won't open , There's no way to get online , What should I do? ? be based on Linux System knowledge , Let's talk about how to solve the problem , How to check , And how to solve it .

  If your computer can't access the Internet , This time , You should try to see if you can open other websites first , If you can open other websites , Only this website can't be opened , That means there's no problem with the computer network , The reason for this problem may be related to the website , For example, websites are blacklisted , Foreign websites ,.... There may be many reasons , At this time , We need specific problems , Specifically analyzed , First, make sure that the computer can connect to the network normally , I can't open a website with my computer , Will try to close and reopen the browser , Try to visit Baidu , Sohu and other websites are the same , See if you can get online . If you can , It proves that our computer can interact with the Internet normally . If not , There may be other reasons :

 a. use ifconfig command , View your own ip, Subnet mask , Whether the gateway is correct , Is the network interconnected , see ip It's automatic , Specified manually , If it is obtained automatically , You can ask people around you , See if they can access the Internet normally , If their network is OK , And only you can't access the Internet , It means that there may be a problem with the configuration of your own computer , Now we need to find out what's wrong with our computer . Let's see ip, Subnet mask , Gateway and other configurations , -- Verification , Determine if there is a problem .

 b. Confirm the gateway , Need to use ping command , Test whether your computer can access others' computers , If after sending a packet , Your computer can receive the return information , That means there's no problem with your gateway :


      Then my computer's Internet is connected now . This is the connection , If the Internet doesn't work , It will be reported unknown host
www.baidu.com The fault of , Then we need to go to the gateway : use ping + Gateway command , How to find the gateway of your computer ?

      By opening vi etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 This document , The configured gateway can be found :



      Return data available , It turns out that the gateway is OK . It also shows that our local area networks are interconnected .

      If other people's computers can access the Internet , And my computer LAN is connected , But I can't access the website , Maybe the company has disabled some websites , We need to communicate with the responsible network .

  If ip no problem , No problem with subnet mask , The gateway is correct , Can access LAN , This time , To see if there is a problem with domain name resolution , Verify that your computer can resolve domain names normally , Then domain name resolution needs DNS address , Do you have any configuration DNS address , Let's check it first :


      Configured DNS address , Next use nslookup Command to verify ,


      The above methods are when the computer has network problems , Some aspects to consider .

      There's another tool ,traceroute, Trace route , How many network devices does our host need to go through to visit a website .


        From sequence number 1 reach 24 Network devices passing by , To 24 individual , Baidu visited ip address .

  summary : If you need to visit an Internet site , Need a computer with its own IP address , Can communicate with the gateway , It has the function of domain name resolution , The domain name resolution comes from the correct configuration DNS address , In this way, we can eliminate the possible problems step by step , We can finally find and solve the problem .

          GOOD MORNING !




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