Someone used it Wetool Is this tool ? Be careful what you don't use , Wechat now may be because you use Wetool Tools will seal you .

   As a 10
Billion + User's social software , Wechat has almost become a must for smartphone users , Most people are common , But there are also those who want to use wechat for drainage , Marketing . For efficient marketing , Before that, wechat was full of extras , It is common to open more , But Tencent has fought hard several times last year , The third-party open tool converges a lot .

   This time, it's about Wetool, According to Weibo V@ today WB Is it closed , Wechat that uses this tool software tonight is blocked in a large area .

Is a wechat community management tool , From the official website , Its function is much better than the original version of wechat , Support group statistics , Automatically accept friends , Batch group invitation , Automatic kicking , Multigroup forwarding , Friend de duplication , Intelligent robots and so on , If you are doing wechat business or wechat marketing , This software is absolutely easy to use , And there's a more advanced enterprise version , More features , Of course, there will be a charge .

   But in Tencent's eyes , There should be no difference between this kind of auxiliary software and plug-in , Last year to now , Third party tools are not involved WeTool, I'm afraid that this wave of killing will not be right WeTool
Be merciful .

   No official response from Tencent , For individuals , Maybe we need to keep away from these third-party tools , After all, the commonly used micro signal is too important , All aspects involved , It's sealed, it's very influential .

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