High energy and low energy




A student's email :

From: Wu Xiaosan <> To: jinxuliang@bit.edu.cn <> Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008
10:54 PM Subject: A question in life
Mr. Jin :           Hello! ! I'm a junior . I've been troubled by a question these days . So I want to ask you by email .          
original , I entered the university with a higher score . To the University , Not interested in learning . Academic performance is not particularly good , So I didn't get any scholarships . on other counts , No honor . This is the case , Does it mean that I'm a man who doesn't want to advance ? in addition , Honors at school , For a student , Is it particularly important ?
A confused student



My reply :

        do poorly in , Not getting a scholarship doesn't mean anything . If you can email me, it means that you are progressive , You have a desire to improve yourself .          
There are many defects in China's current higher education system , In many places, it kills the students' interest in learning , Not conducive to the cultivation of creative talents . But pay attention , The defects of the existing education system cannot be the reason for laziness , It's not a reason to escape .
           You don't need a scholarship , The test result is not very good , But I need to ask you :                
Do you study hard ? Have you carefully analyzed the reasons for poor performance ? It's a daily lament , Did you take any positive action ?           
If you're sure that you don't fit in with the current rigid education model , Then you can “60 Long live ”, But if it's a red light , That's too much to say . I teach at University , It's clear , Most of the students who fail are caused by their neglect of their studies , Not because the course is too difficult , You can't absorb it .
            You can't be a good person if you don't get good grades , But without self-control, it's doomed to fail . And when it comes to finding a job , If the employer sees that you have a red light , In particular, the major backbone courses have been suspended , I don't want to hire such a student .
             If you plan to “60 Long live ”, It's all right , But we need to spend more time on cultivating a specialty , This specialty is what you like , And it's what the society needs .  
This is the case in our school : Well known students have suspended courses , But he wrote a lot of programs in four years of college , Strong practical software development ability , As a result, the company was willing to take him . Because people think he is “ Partial timber ”,“ Partial timber ” It's also “ material ”. But I still ask such a student that he must “60 Long live ”, There's no need to go to school , Just flowers 20% Left and right energy , Is it hard to get a pass ? The rest 80% Time will be more for you ? The point is, where did you spend your time ? read a book , Programming or playing games ? The way you spend your time determines your achievements
Honors at school , It's still very important for a student . One of my students is good at development , Representing the school in Microsoft innovation cup , Got the world's first 4 Good grades , If not for his weak English , Otherwise, I have the chance to go to Tsinghua University for postgraduate study . Now he is in the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences . But he is a very good student , Not only development capability , The results are also among the best .
I met some students in Tsinghua University , Most of them are outstanding achievements and abilities . Don't believe it “ High score low energy ” That set of fallacies , High score and high energy are common , Low energy and high energy are low probability events , and “ Low score and low energy ” It's a lot more likely .
             therefore , Still have to work hard ! People's inertia is hard to overcome ! Those who can overcome are often successful .“ The winner is strong ” Well !



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