This article is dedicated to all programmers around the world , Wish the world no more Bug.( Part of this article is for entertainment only , Some of the pictures and documents are from other places )

People who destroyed the world in the last life , To be in this life ” Architect of human logic soul “ ---- programmer .

In fact, we are all programmers , Sometimes it seems that dan They hurt , Don't want to learn , Update technology , What would those who destroyed the world in their last lives do for recreation
? That's to play notes , Now let's take a look at the annotation of the magic map of these great gods :

1. alien

2. Japanese women

My backhand is a slap

All of the above are notes made by the gods when they are bored , It's all very visual and artistic , Now let's take a look at some of the art of verbal humor

// sometimes I believe compiler ignores all my comments // Sometimes I believe that the compiler ignores all my comments
// drunk, fix later // A little dizzy , Modify later <!-- Here be dragons --> <!-- High energy ahead --> double
penetration; // ouch // Self understanding , Inconvenient to explain // This code sucks, you know it and I know
it. // Move on and call me an idiot later. // You and I both know that code sucks // But then you'll treat me like a fool // I
am not sure why this works but it fixes the problem. // Although I don't know why it works , But it fixed the problem
// This function has been here since 1987. DON'T FXXKING TOUCH IT //
This function 1987 This is the year of , Don't fucking move it // if i ever see this again i'm going to start bringing guns
to work // If I see this code again , Maybe I'll come to work with a gun // I will give you two of my seventy-two
virgins if you can fix this. // If you can fix this problem , I'll give you two 72 year old virgins . // I am not
responsible of this code. // They made me write it, against my will. //
The following code , I'm not responsible . Because they forced me to write , Against my will . /** * This company has no year-end bonus , Man, don't count on it , Don't come either , I'm going to quit *
In addition, this project has many *Bug* You won't last long , bye-bye ! */
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . so

Programmers live forever , Learn the old profession , Now this society , Computer technology is up to date , Of course, as programmers, we are also very tired . A lot of people just see the high salaries of programmers , But I don't see the pressure of programmers . Programmers are human beings , It can be said that all programmers have basically experienced code knocking all night . But we're going to have fun , Have fun at work .....
A lot of people say our house , How to spend time learning technology , A lot of people say we're sloppy , You work overtime all day you try , A lot of people say we're casual , We have technology , Capricious , A lot of people say we're single dogs , I can't argue with that .
in general , I hope people can understand programmers more , We're really not easy ......

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