<> Here's what 18 Summary of mid year interview knowledge

<>1.scss Rendering

<>2.vue/angualr/react Advantages and disadvantages of

<>3.vue,angular,react Optimization of , Such as lazy loading , Preload , On demand loading, etc

<>4. Object serialization and form serialization


<>6. Primary js, Unbound, etc

as :trim() – Remove leading and trailing spaces from strings

<>7. request interceptor

<>8.node.js what

<>9. Two way communication

<>10.pc End compatible ,C End compatible

<>11.pc Key points of end function , As shown in the carousel

<>12. Merge font icons

<>13. extend jquery


<>14.h5 newly added : Semantic label , Hyperlink ;c3 newly added :

<>15. Of plug-in class bug

<>16.web API

<>17. Cross domain problem , as cookie Cross domain of

Homologous strategy : Agreement No , port , host ( Different sources cross domains )

<>18.ES6 grammar promise


<>20.template Template string

<>21. How to prevent browser default behavior

e.preventDefault; e.stopPagination

<>22. Event delegation

<>23. evaluate ( Self evaluation , Boss evaluation , Comments from colleagues )

<>24.vue Scaffolding

<>25.vue Life cycle of

<>26.vue Progressive

<>27.vue Thermal renewal

<>28. Two way binding vue/angular/reacty Differences in grammar

<>29. Brother transmission , Father son transmission

<>30. modularization , Componentization

<>31.axios,ajax The difference of the transmission parameters of

<>32.js Why single thread


<>34. Box model

<>35.new What four things did you do

<>36. closure , Memory leak

<>37. sandbox , Back to hell

<>38.ajax How to achieve synchronization

ansync: false

<>39.js Object and jq Differences in objects

add $() You can js Object to jq object

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