A small partner recently participated in an interview with a front-line Internet company , I was asked some concurrent questions , See if you can answer it :

(1)synchronized Of CPU How the primitive level is realized ?

(2) No lock , Biased lock , Lightweight Locking , What's the difference between heavyweight locks , How is the upgrade process ?

(3) Inter thread communication , Interprocess communication with machine , Interprocess communication across machines , What's the way ?

(4) The following three businesses , How to use thread pool :

High concurrency , Business with short task execution time

Low concurrency , Business with long task execution time

High concurrency , Business with long execution time

(5) Seckill system , How to support 100W level TPS( Taobao is the highest 54 ten thousand TPS)?

If there is only CRUD Experience of

Do not understand multithreading and high concurrency , Face such interview questions , I don't know about the rate .

If that's the case , Suggest that 4 Hours , Once in a while 《 Multithreading and high concurrency 》 Training camp

Just 2 Cents

Who is the horse soldier teacher ?

Horse soldier teacher

99 Graduated from Tsinghua University in , From programmers to CTO, Although already 45 year , But the sword is not old , Has been committed to promoting Java, big data ,AI Take root in China , Its high concurrent live courses are popular , Thousands of times .

Let the ashes level sweeping God monk horse soldier teacher take you to systematize multi-threaded knowledge , Help you understand that multithreading CPU Realization of hierarchy , And how these implementations map layer by layer to those hundreds of millions of users ,
must QPS, million TPS System of .

Course price :

original price 299, Fans only need 0.02 element .

2 Cents , Can't afford to lose , I can't buy it .

Learning materials

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First day of training camp :

1,synchronized Bytecode primitive for keyword ;

2,volatile Bytecode primitive for keyword ;

3,synchronized And volatile Hardware level implementation of ;

4, No lock , Biased lock , Lightweight Locking , Upgrade process of heavyweight lock ;

5, Basic concept of memory barrier ;

6,JVM How to require memory barrier ;

7, How hardware level memory barriers help java Achieve high concurrency ;

8, Interview No 3 topic ( Inter thread communication ) Of 8 Seed solution ;

9, task ;

Training camp day two :

1, The study and thought of thread pool ;

2, The advantages and disadvantages of using thread pool ;

3, Why Alibaba development manual recommends customizing thread pool ;

4, Best practices for customizing thread pools ;

5, Common thread pool types and application scenarios :






6, Better than thread X Thread of , Piezometric results show the power of fiber path ;

7, summary ;

Training camp time :

5 month 13 day -5 month 14 day ,20:00

Training camp Live Online , Just 2 Cents , You can also get preview materials free of charge .

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