Yongyou's interviewer took Lin Xiao's resume , I watched it for a moment , Then I put down Lin Xiao's resume , Then he looked up and said to Lin Xiao :“ pretty good , We have your resume . We will contact you later .”

   Lin Xiao is a little disappointed when he hears the words , But I said something with a smile “ well ”, That's when I turned around and left .

   But what Lin Xiao didn't know , The biggest difference between Yongyou and other companies is , Those who don't interview on the spot , On the contrary, the resume is directly passed , I'll keep in touch with you later , It's the people who were interviewed on the spot , It's all interviewers who don't think their resumes are up to standard , That's why we need an interview on the spot , See if you can attend the next interview .

   And that's why , Lin Xiao and Yongyou , It's still a missing link , That's for a while , It really depressed Lin Xiao .


   Four companies in a row , Lin Xiao is quite satisfied with the harvest of this job fair .

   After all, strictly speaking , He's not really finished yet , The last project is not finished yet , He is not in a hurry to find a job at this job fair .

   What's more? , Lin Xiao's interview results with iFLYTEK Technology , Still a little bit confident , And this company happens to be a game company , It's Lin Xiao's ideal industry , This makes Lin Xiao's heart more calm .

   That's it. , For the rest of the time , Lin Xiao is like a spectator , Youzai begins to observe , He's one of the few people he knows .

   Xu Bo is the most relaxed one , Although he's been interviewing all the time , But it's not hard to see the disapproval on his face , I'm afraid he didn't pay much attention to the job . No wonder , Xu Bo's hometown is Shanxi , Coal boss's family background , Even if the family's financial resources are not very exaggerated , But I'm afraid there's no shortage of Xu Bo's salary .

   And Zhu Hao , Tingfeng and Zhang Shiyu are different , The expressions on these three faces are obviously dignified , It seems that until now , I'm afraid these three people don't have a firm that can be sure .

   Except for the four , Lin Xiao also sees Ren Ruiqiang in the crowd , It's not hard to see how listless he is now , I'm afraid he didn't receive much at the job fair . But Lin Xiao didn't gloat about it , After all, there is no deep hatred between them , It's just that they don't have the same temper .

   And the situation of Zhu Hao and Ren Ruiqiang , In fact, it's also the current situation of most people at the job fair , Lin Xiao is more confident in himself , Or Xu Bo doesn't care , I'll feel a little relaxed .

   It's less than that 1 Hours , Lin Xiao ends his stroll , Came to the company of Du Niang .

   because , The written examination will begin soon !

   A lot of people have gathered here in duniang company , But none of them are familiar to Lin Xiao , And Xu Bo , Zhu Hao , Ting Feng and Zhang Shiyu , None of them are here . I'm afraid these four people don't think it's going to work if they come , Just give up , It's better to interview more than that .

   Before long , Du Niang's interviewer called all the people together , Left the job fair , Came to a classroom next to the job fair .

   Say it's a classroom , But the whole classroom doesn't even have a blackboard or a podium , It's obviously for my mother's written test , Just brought some tables and chairs , Temporary use as examination room .

   See everyone come in , Du Niang's interviewer comes to the first row of tables and benches , Say it out loud :“ okay , Everybody sit down as soon as possible . You can choose your location freely , But between two people , At least one person apart .”

   Everyone hears the words , All began to take their seats , But Lin Xiao didn't like sitting in the front row , So I chose a back seat and sat down .

   Because the position is relatively backward , So the scene in the classroom is at a glance , Lin Xiao counted it , This time, only those who took part in the written examination of Du Niang 24 people , It's less than Lin Xiao thought .

   But no wonder , Except for lunch and rest time at the job fair , It's not enough 8 Hours , Plus a lot of companies have to line up , In fact, there is not much time to interview , A lot of people think their written test is out of the question , Naturally, I don't want to waste time on it .

   Sit down with the crowd , And then the written test began .

   Lin Xiao browsed the written examination questions first , The expression on his face is constantly changing , Finally, I can't help frowning .

   Here are the written questions , Not only Java Basics ,JavaWeb And object-oriented parts , There's something else C Language and database content . The first three parts are OK , Lin Xiao doesn't know the exact answer , At least every question has its own way of thinking , I think the probability of getting it right is quite high . But this C language , Lin Xiao was only taking the computer grade two exam in the University , I've been learning for a while , As for the database , Lin Xiao is only a skinflint , Except for simple addition, deletion, modification and search , The rest won't .

   That's it. , First three parts , It took Lin Xiao about half an hour , All in all, it's finished without danger . and C Language part , Although it's almost forgotten , But I can also get a general idea , At most, it's just that the probability of error is higher .

   And the database is a disaster , Lin Xiao doesn't know a single question , Especially the last three , Lin Xiao has no idea , Don't even know how to , Helpless , Lin Xiao had to leave blank the last few database questions , Just hand in the paper .

   In fact, these last questions , That is to investigate “ Internal and external connection ”,“ Subquery ” and “ Row to column ” This part of knowledge , Unfortunately, for Lin Xiao now , Without search engine , It's still too hard .

   That's it. , The exam is probably going on 1 In an hour , Lin Xiao stood up , Hand in the paper for the written examination , Then he left the classroom .

   And this time , There are already a few students , Before Lin Xiao, he had already handed in his papers and left , however , These students are doing it too fast , I don't think it's going to work , Just give up , I don't know .

   After the written examination , Lin Xiao returns to the job fair again .

   But after this written test , Lin Xiao's original confidence , It's gone a lot , For Du Niang and Xin Lang, two big companies , Maybe I'm a little bit worse , I'm afraid so far , That's the only game company , I hope I have more hope .

   Think of this , Lin Xiao could not help but smile bitterly , Now the job fair is coming to an end , He wants to vote more , I'm afraid it's too late , I was too confident before , Except for Du Niang and Xin Lang , Basically no interviews with other companies .

   But it's close to the end 1 Half an hour , If you're lucky , Two interviews , Time should be enough .

   Think like this , After Lin Xiao takes a deep breath , So I came to a company , There was a long line .

   But Lin Xiao didn't know , If not for his lack of confidence after taking the written examination of Du Niang , If you continue to line up for the interview , I'm afraid this job fair , He's really going home empty handed .

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