preface : Didn't anyone find me IDEA Interface B Is it full ? I want you to idea Is it different ?IDEA Five powerful tools for plug-ins , Beautify the monotonous IDEA Interface .

move back , Now I have to pretend !!

1,Background Image Plus   idea Background modification plug-in

This plug-in does not directly improve your development efficiency , But you can face it IDE No longer monotonous , When setting the background to your favorite picture ,

Does it feel pleasant to see , Will the coding efficiency be improved indirectly ?

answer : Not really ....... No matter what, I still want to share !!!

usage method :

2,Material Theme UI  idea Theme replacement plug-in

Material Design Style theme plugin , We can choose all kinds of simple and generous IDEA Theme interface , There's always one for you

Before use :

After use :

Material Theme UI  Use steps :

After installation , The guide page will let us choose various simple and generous themes , There are many more I didn't list , There are 13 themes to choose from .

You can also change other topics in the settings , Or change the color of some items under a theme

If you think it's still original ( Yes, I think so ...), simple Settings->Plugins->Installed search Ma Find the plug-in, uncheck and restart it

3,power-mode II Knock code special effect plug-in

Experience the cool effect when writing code , Except for clothes b It's no use outside , It's easy to blind us , You don't have to use it ......

Just ask who else ?! The whole screen was shaking and jumping , Just write one hello world nothing more , Do you want such a big battle .

You can set other effects in the settings , such as

If it's eye-catching , Can turn off the code bounce effect , It can also be directly discarded :

The code doesn't work
4,Rainbow Brackets Rainbow bracket

Automatically color curly brackets and brackets in code blocks , Helps to distinguish code levels , Let vision pay more attention to the code

For example, you have a reference to Lambda Function written , Bracketed , Arrow symbol , There are many brackets .

that “ You have so many brackets , Is there redundancy ”. The rainbow brackets are very clear , You can see right at a glance

But after you install it and restart it, you may idea Code interface turns white , The following settings are required .

5,Nyan progress bar Supereruption progress bar

Ordinary people's progress bar is too ordinary , My delicacy has to be dressed up to every detail , Include progress bar !

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