Zhang always has two things to wonder about , Come talk to me , It's like this :

He and Li Si were colleagues in the first-line Internet company a few years ago , Li Si is of average ability , Only work according to the leader's arrangement , It's not bad to be a man , I have a good relationship with him , But sometimes I despise him . I'm different , It's more than eight blocks away from him , All the problems encountered in the project are solved by themselves , As long as others have technical problems, they can find themselves , All of them can be solved , Walking with wind .



Then a headhunter dug him into a start-up company , Salaries nearly doubled , I'm so happy . Working months , There's another headhunter digging him , Good salary and position , So I changed my job , Address from “ Zhang Gong ” become “ President Zhang ”. And then the startup went out of business , Two months' wages are not paid , Can't find another job . Three or four years , Four or five jobs .

He thinks that's not the way , Want to go back to a big company , Work steadily , Can provide for the aged . To his surprise , A lot of resumes , It's either a stone or a sea ; Or an interview , I feel like I'm being swept out like garbage . General manager Zhang , Don't say Department Manager , Several senior engineer positions , No one else . This was the first thing he wondered .

The second thing that puzzled him , Li Si he can't see , Has been promoted to P8 This level , People have houses, cars and jobs . Look at yourself again , Besides the card, there are tens of thousands of yuan left , Nothing else . Every time I hear someone call him “ President Zhang ”, I don't feel the same .


President Zhang , It's also quite common , Let's talk about it today .


1. Programmer's “ day ”


There's a saying : Countersunk pulling car , Better look up at the road ; Look up at the road , It's better to look up at the sky !


Mr. Zhang shows off his skill , Walking with wind , This is in this sentence , It's a pull ? See the way ? Or looking up to the sky ?

It's none of the business , You should be able to see that , This is a cart

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