lately , There are many readers asking about it backstage 「 Elementary study Java」 Problems of , Between the lines I felt their anxiety and confusion , I've summed it up :

Elementary study Java A dazed face , I don't know what to learn

There is a lot of information on the Internet , But still unable to learn systematically

Questions about the interviewer , have no idea what to do with one 's hands and feet

No project experience , No hope to enter the big factory ...


Among the asking readers , There are three senior students , Some want to transform Java Of , Many even work for a year Java Programmers have the same doubts . Especially recently
After layoffs and pay cuts , Start to doubt yourself , More confused .

I have to say , The more adversity , The more you can't mess around , Instead, you need to have a clear goal , Study harder . Or the tide will recede , You're the only one who swims naked . This is the purpose of this article ,
Help you master a high salary from scratch Java Necessary skills of engineer .

To be a high salary Java engineer , We should first see what kind of talents enterprises need , I randomly look for several recruitment websites Java Job requirements of engineer :

After analyzing hundreds of enterprises , find Java The real needs of the post are the same , So I concluded 6 The ability most valued by enterprises , Perfect fit Java Learning plan for beginners .


1,Java Solid foundation , This is the foundation, needless to say ;

2, Deep database technology , This is a necessary technology for development ;

3, Enterprise level framework , This is a tool that must be able to ;

4, Understanding distributed architecture , It's a hard skill ;

5, Play with microservice architecture , This is the latest trend ;

6, Understand performance optimization , This is a bonus ;

( There is a detailed skill list of each ability at the bottom of the article ????)


this 6 Big abilities contain a lot of skill points , For beginners , Rely on self-study of theoretical knowledge , It's almost impossible , No system, no talk , And I'm done with the theory , It's no use without the support of major projects .


Speaking of this , I sincerely recommend the courses of Lago education to you , You know , Lago has been engaged in recruitment for many years , stay “ person-job fit ” In the process of , It is found that the knowledge and ability system of many talents deviates from the employment demand of enterprises
. To solve this problem , Lago education team experience 12 Months of careful polishing , introduction 《0 Basics Java Employment training camp 》.

This course is very important 3 spot :

1, Specifically for 0 Basic curriculum system of human design , It's right to follow suit ;

2, Take Lago as a practical project , Connect the front and back knowledge points in series , Take you to build a real online education platform ;

3, Finish , Pull the hook to push the company directly , skip HR Audition .

Select the tick , It means that you have stepped into the factory with one foot , How to get to the other foot , The key is how to learn !


Let me tell you something , This course has 4 Advantages beyond the reach of other institutions :

1, from “ can't ” reach “ obtain employment ”, Lago education helps you with advanced learning


Training institutions on the market , These two problems mostly exist in the course content :

Stacking of knowledge points , After learning a lot, I still can't find a job

Course difficulty is a mystery , I can't understand it as soon as I come up


Lago education helps you solve these two problems :


Dragnet CTO Participate in curriculum design in person , According to the real enterprise employment standard , Step by step construction Java Knowledge system . Combining theory with practice , hold Java Knowledge points in are delivered to you .


On the difficulty of the course , The course will reasonably plan the learning progress and intensity , Let you from the most basic Java Language begins to learn , From simple to difficult , 0 The foundation is completely up to date , follow .


Put this 5 Disassembly of knowledge modules , Here is a course outline with theory and Practice :


There will be several small modules in each stage , Ensure the granularity of learning . And after learning the theory , Will enter into the actual combat drill , Ensure the practicality of learning .


Like the first stage 15 Small modules :


* This syllabus , It's every Java People should have a learning map , Available at the bottom of the article .



2, Restore the real items of the tick , Hand in hand


Projects used by other organizations in actual combat , Or use someone else's project , Or take a few days to implement a function , I'll do it with you , There's a lot of holes in the interview .


Lago education is different , Served 2000 Ten thousand job seekers ,60 10000 Internet enterprises , The team has excellent technical advantages , on this basis , To restore the real items , Hand in hand .


Equally important are , Lago education as the hottest online education , This will allow you to learn more than just technology , You can also learn more about the business .



You can master different stages of a real project , Key points of different solutions , Start with a simple function module , reach “ High concurrency , High availability , High performance ” Microservice architecture technology based on , To be excellent Java
engineer , It's not that hard here .


6 Months , You will have a complete experience of the growth of the Lago technology team , Obtain a real project experience recognized by the large factory .



3, learn , Practice , measure , Review in one , Live broadcast of big coffee , Ensure your learning effect


Online learning , Real project exercises , Periodic testing , Head teacher supervision , Homework correction , It's all about keeping you up , Learned .



besides , There are also regular live broadcasts of industry celebrities
. They come from the first tier Internet enterprises , yes Java Senior experts in direction , They will share their real work scenarios and experiences , And interactive Q & a time , Every problem you encounter in your study , Can be found and solved in them .


I have a deep understanding of this , Maybe a few words from the industry elders , It'll save you a lot of detours .



4,1 V 1 Job services , Play for you “ Gain offer” One step to the door


Rago breaks the job search process into 4 Parts : Analysis of the real problem , Resume optimization , Interview simulation , Large factory push . In the process of applying for a job , The lagoon is like yours “ Behind the scenes ”, Provide you with professional assistance in every link .


Give your resume directly to the person in charge of the intended employer after graduation , You just study , Lago, take it for you Offer.



last , If you are , Then I suggest you join the course :


Fresh students , Whether you're a professional or not , Want to be in the hardest job season “ Counter attack ”;

Want to change careers Java, But suffering from no foundation ;

Yes 0-1 year Java experience , The foundation is not solid enough , Future confusion ;

It's done elsewhere , But still can't find a job ;



my 2020 Year key words are “ Change the status quo ”, If you're like me , Then join the course , Is the first step to change the status quo .


Join now , Can still catch up with the Largo million subsidy plan , I got it for you 10 Places , Scan code first come first served .


If you have more questions , such as ,Java Is an engineer fit for himself , Want to know more about the syllabus , Can scan code to add customer service teacher :


The distance between you and Dachang , Maybe it's just a systematic exercise . 



Scan code to add sister wechat , Collect information immediately


click 「 Read the original 」, Take the first step to change the status quo .

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