We all know , After deleting wechat chat record , Generally speaking, we can't see the content of wechat chat record . But these chats are probably still in our devices , It can be recovered by using data recovery tools .


If you don't want others to see your wechat chat record , Or want to delete some wechat chat records completely , Here are a few ways to do this .

Method 1 :

Find the wechat chat record you want to delete , Delete it . Then receive and delete a large number of wechat chat records , Like chatting with a good friend , Delete again . This kind of operation can cause more damage to the previously deleted data .

Principle analysis : According to the principle of data recovery , After the data is deleted , It doesn't disappear from the device immediately , Instead, it is converted to hidden data and kept in the device storage space . When new data enters the device , It also overwrites the deleted hidden data , This part of hidden data can be regarded as real thorough damage , And I can't find it .

So after the wechat chat record is completely deleted , Continue to use wechat , More damage to data , Greatly reduce the possibility of retrieving deleted data .

Method 2 :

If your data is really hidden , Not to be seen . Then another way to delete wechat chat records is to uninstall and reinstall wechat .

Principle analysis : The operation of unloading and reloading is very destructive to the data in the equipment . Because as the app is uninstalled , As well as the files in the application, they will be cleared in a large area .

So if necessary , Uninstall and reinstall wechat , Even multiple unloading and reloading , Basically, wechat chat records can be deleted completely , It's completely invisible .

Method 3 :

If you are still not sure whether your private wechat chat record has been deleted, hurry up , Then we need to use data processing tools to detect .

Principle analysis : Some data processing tools can help people retrieve the lost data of mobile phones , That is to retrieve the data that has been deleted by you but still exists in your device . So you can use this tool to check whether wechat chat records that you don't want to be seen by others have been deleted .

If the data you deleted is not detected , Then this part of wechat chat record has been completely deleted by you . Many people can also use this method to solve the problem of how to retrieve the deleted wechat chat record of Apple mobile phone .

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