Job seekers know that there are all kinds of problems , And was asked “ What is your career plan ” There are not a few cases of this kind of problem . Especially when the company wants to consider whether you can persist for a long time , Because it will give them a psychological foundation , After all, they know the job well , According to your career plan, you can see whether it matches .

Career planning , It's hard to say , It's not hard, it's not hard , It depends on whether you know yourself well enough .

General career planning , Based on your past experience , Find your strengths ; then , According to advantages , To find a suitable industry and position ; last , According to these industries and positions , You can see an upward career path .

How to answer the questions about career planning during the interview ?

There are difficulties here , Every step of the way can defeat most people . Some people don't know what their advantages are , Or I don't think I have an advantage ; Some people don't know which industries are more suitable for their own advantages ; Some people don't know the specific career development path of these industries ……

If you know yourself well enough , Also know how to use the Internet to find information , Most of the above problems can be solved , Otherwise, ask some good teachers and friends , Generally, they can also have a clear career plan .

But a lot of people don't know much about themselves , Or it's hard to sort out . This is the case , Most people think about it as they understand it , Don't go deep . So when asked about career planning during the interview , It's only a step or two ahead , Or directly speaking of a position developed by this position , I don't know what to say . This is the case , If the interviewer is experienced , When you know this person's career development in the future is relatively vague .

And some people don't know their strengths , When you can't make a career plan , Would consult a teacher who specializes in career planning , They know that professional things should be done by professional people . A teacher who specializes in career planning , Too many people have had these problems , So it's easier to analyze the problems and advantages of these people ; Also have a deeper understanding of the workplace Market , So I will know more about the career development path , Know more development direction in the future , Let people have more choices .

How to answer the questions about career planning during the interview ?

Like Zihuan's private school, some students didn't finish their first year in senior high school , I have only worked as a supermarket cashier and other similar basic work , I don't have any professional knowledge , I don't think I have any advantages . But Zihuan's private school teacher learned about her personal situation , And past experience , Found her advantage in doing things , Suitable for all kinds of transactional work , Finally, she was given a detailed executive career plan . It's a program that she can do at every step , There are several directions to choose from , Not fixed dead path .

of course , We must learn the professional knowledge by ourselves , Planning the teacher is to provide suggestions on the direction of learning and some specific subjects , But I must learn and implement , Can develop better .

therefore , If a clear career plan is adopted , So I know what I'm going to do now , What to learn , What to do in the future . So when asked about career planning during an interview , Can give a very clear answer . I believe that the interviewers with clear ideas , Examiners are very fond of it .

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