<> One , noon break

Lunch break is to relieve fatigue , An important method of recuperation , Many people don't take a lunch break on holidays , But a day without a lunch break will lead to a lack of energy in the afternoon , Doze off .

But there's always someone who snores at will during a quiet lunch break . It's like a high-speed airplane baby Like a bear child , You have nothing to do with him ..

Snoring can't be stopped subjectively , There's no cure . So when you ask people not to snore or make a little noise, it's really hard for them ..

But when he's asleep, you don't want to sleep. What should you do ? Mostly with patience , Hang up your headphones and squint . Probably don't want to leave one “ unapproachable ” Impression of , I'm looking forward to someone else .

But they're all smart people , No one wants to come out , Even when someone comes out, they say it's hard for him to talk ... in especial , When someone tells him to snore loudly , He's not sleeping , Sleepy on the face , Don't you feel ashamed ...

It can only be the instructions of the superior or he takes the initiative to take measures

<> Two , Solve at the source

Most convenient and direct , But it's hard .

I've seen someone who can't sleep at noon , We don't feel comfortable with the sacrifice

Some of them live close to home and sleep , This kind of work will be faster , Especially the kind that sleeps late and can block the alarm clock

Use Anti Snoring stickers and other tools , Practice shows that it's useless

Try to stay away from colleagues , Best partition . If there is such a condition , It's going to work

<> Three , Sound insulation tools

No one snores , You can only block your ears

Introduction to tools :

* tool 1: Sponge earplug
Small and convenient , Good noise reduction effect

* tool 2: Acoustic earmuff
Good noise reduction effect , It's not like headphones

The above two tools can significantly improve the quality of lunch break when no one snores , It feels like the whole world is quiet .

But once someone snores , The possible consequence is that the whole world is quiet , The snoring also dropped decibels , But it's more prominent .

But I just need to sleep when my colleagues snore .. All the above are bedding ..
<> method 1: Sponge earplug + Acoustic earmuff
For snoring
<> method 2: A rather small headset + Acoustic earmuff
Keep it small , Otherwise, the diaphragm will reach the ear
Turn on soft music , Adjust the volume . I can't find soft music for next “ tide ”app.
<> method 3: Active noise reduction headset + Acoustic earmuff
Watching fat sleep so sweet , It doesn't affect the pig like snoring. It's stubborn and penetrates your earmuffs + headset , But I don't like to put on a bit of music to numb my ears ?

Krypton, then , New active noise reduction earphone , bar .
open ANC, Choose music , Put on acoustic earmuffs , Regain the joy of lunch break , Full of happiness ~

Happiness needs comparison , See the sample paper that other colleagues can't stand , It's even happier ~

You snore hard for me , Frown and I lose

<> Four , last

Private opinion , Get along with colleagues and understand each other , Don't be self-centered , Think everyone should be on you . conversely , And try not to cause trouble to colleagues . It's like you shouldn't ask for too much by bus or subway , Instead, be polite , toe the mark .

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