Background of domestic high energy physics experiment

    The frontier basic science of studying the deepest structure and interaction of matter .

Elements of modern high energy physics experiment

    Instance source , detector ,   electronics ,   trigger DAQ,   raw data , scale , reconstruction , Physical analysis ,   achievements  .

Status and function of offline software .

    It's a bridge between hardware and physicists , It is the key and important link in the transformation from data to physical achievements .

High energy physics experiment and its characteristics

Uniqueness , More and more experiments , Try to save money ( Using open source software , Try to study by yourself ), Data development software faces challenges . 

    Unified large-scale off-line software system

Pipeline thinking , Offline software is pipeline , Data is product .


Domestic offline software system

    BESIII experiment BOSS, Daya Bay NuWu etc .

Basic software library and tools

    Popular software in the field of high energy physics :Geant4,ROOT etc .

    Framework software : General offline software framework , Nothing to do with the experiment , as Gaudi,SNiPER etc .

software framework

software framework , It usually refers to the realization of an industry standard , Or specification of software components to complete specific basic tasks , In order to implement a software component specification , Software products that provide the basic functions required by the specification . Highly modular software framework .

Software in the field of high energy physics  Gaudi

Characteristics of high energy physical data

    example : Information obtained after one trigger of detector , Such as the documents that the positrons collide with each other .

    Run: Several data files .

Main functions of complete software framework

    data management , Control of task execution process , Public function service module , User programming and cluster job configuration interface .

    User specification , Package management and compilation , Development management and version control .

Function modularization :

    Functional decomposition and modular design , Modules interact through interfaces , Plug in development and use

Functional hierarchy :

    Mutual management and stability among levels , Reduce coupling through protocol .

Gaudi Frame component structure :

    Algorithm and data separation , The algorithm is dynamically embedded in the framework in the form of plug-ins . Separation of transient data and persistent data .

    Application Manager , service , Data transformation services and Conveter.

SNiPER software framework

    Domestic application : from CERN by LHCb Experimental development .

    LAF Lightweight physical analysis framework ( Independent development ). Developed for physical analysis of Daya Bay experiment , Design for the special needs of neutrino experiment .

SNiPER Development motivation

    Gaudi Despite its power , But there are some limitations .

SNiPER Goal of

    For neutrino experiments , Simple and efficient .

This blog is a brief introduction .




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