1, Self cognition

poor people : Rarely think about how to make money and how to make money , Think you should be like this all your life , I don't believe it will change .

rich person : I believe that I was not born to be poor , It's about being rich , He has a strong sense of making money , It's also something in his blood , He will do everything he can to make himself rich .

2, leisure time

poor people : Watch TV at home , Moved to tears for the soap opera , And to arm yourself in the fashion of television .

rich person : Running outside the market , Even if you play golf, don't forget to bring your project contract .

3, Social circle

poor people : Like to go to poor relatives , The circle of the poor is mostly the poor , They also exclude contacts with the rich , in the course of time , Mentality becomes the mentality of the poor , Thinking becomes the thinking of the poor , It's a poor man's model . People talk about discounted products every day , Communicating saving skills , Although it's good for training and survival , But your vision is gradually limited to such trivia , And I'm killing my ambition .

4, study

poor people : Learn craft

rich person : Academic management

5, time

poor people : A man who enjoys plenty of time can't make a lot of money , If you want to relax, you will lose more opportunities to make money . The time of the poor is worthless , Sometimes even redundant , I don't know how to deal with it , How to mix it up . If you can be pissed off at the cost of a pound of cabbage . But I don't feel heartache for wasting a day , This is the typical thinking of the poor .

rich person : No matter how one makes money , No matter how much or how little money you earn , All must go through the accumulation of time . Rich people's play is also a way of working , There's a purpose . Leisure of the rich , Idle in the body , behave properly to improve one's character , Eli is at war , My head is not idle for a moment ; The leisure of the poor , Idle in thought , He's busy , Busy to touch more mahjong tables .

6, Sense of belonging

poor people : It's a screw . Poor people think they are from humble origins , Less security , And I want to be subordinate to and dependent on a group , So they take the group's standards as their own , Keep everything in line , Work for the benefit of the group , Running around , Even migration . For the poor , Working steadily in a famous enterprise for decades , There are interns working all the way to senior executives , It's just an ideal that can't be beautiful .

rich person : The leaders of those groups are usually the rich , They always instill in the poor on the one hand : Unity is power , If you don't belong to your own group , You're nothing , One is not Wen .. But on the other hand , They never stopped recruiting , foster the new man , So that you can be replaced at any time .

7, Investment and treatment of wealth

poor people : The economic view is that less is more , Like opening a noodle shop , The rate of return is 100%, investment 2 ten thousand , Net income in one year 2 ten thousand , Good for the poor . Poor people even if they have money , I'm reluctant to take it out , Even if we finally decide to invest , Not willing to take risks , In the end, I can't go that far . What the poor like most is laying eggs , Laying hens , gain ten thousand percent …… But the hope built on a hen is so fragile after all .

rich person : The starting point of the rich is ten thousand capital and ten thousand profits . Same noodle shop , Rich people think , The capital of a noodle shop is only 2 ten thousand , If there's a hundred million dollars , Don't you want to open it 5000 Home noodle shop ? One by one , How much does a big boss have to worry about , How many hair are you tired of ? It's better to invest in hotels . A hotel is enough to absorb all the capital , Even if the yield is only 20%, A year later 2000 Wanlirun 8, passion ( Can we do something , First of all, it depends on the passion ) poor people : No passion . He's always on his way , It's hard to make a big mistake , It's not going to be the best . No excitement without passion , It's impossible to put your heart and soul into work . Most poor people can't say they don't have passion , His passion is always consumed by too specific things : The boss praised , He'll be excited ; Store discount , He'll be excited ; It's all over again on TV , His tears streamed down , What the poor have is just an emotion .

rich person :“ Yanque knows the ambition of a swan ? military and political leaders , It's better to have a seed ”? With such passion , The poor will not be poor ! Passion is a nature , Is a symbol of vitality , The spark of inspiration comes from passion , That's why we have a distinct personality , That's why we have a strong appeal in our relationships , Only then can we have the courage and method to solve the problem .

9, self-confidence

poor people : The confidence of the poor needs to be armed to the teeth , Only by wearing a high-end brand and luxurious configuration can they bring more confidence , The confidence of the poor is often not from the heart and nature .

rich person : Li Jiacheng said of his business secret :“ It's nothing special , Good times , Never over optimistic ; When the situation is bad , Not too pessimistic ”. In fact, it's a kind of confidence unique to the rich . Self confidence can not be controlled by external forces , Confidence makes the right decision .

10, habit

poor people : There's a story , A rich man gives a poor man a cow . The poor began to struggle with hope . But cows eat grass , People want to eat , Life is hard . And the poor sold the cattle , Bought some sheep , I ate one , The rest is for Lambs . But the lamb didn't come out , It's going to be tough . The poor sold the sheep , Bought chicken , Want chickens to lay eggs to make money , But the days have not changed , At last, the poor killed the chickens , The ideals of the poor have collapsed , This is the habit of the poor .

rich person : According to an investment expert , The secret to the success of the rich : When there's no money , No matter how difficult , And don't use investment and savings , Pressure will make you find new ways to make money , Pay your bills . It's a good habit . Character determines habit , Habit determines success .

11, surf the internet

poor people : go 163/sohu/ Chat online , Poor people chat , First, the poor have more time , The second is that the mouth of the poor can't be idle naturally ; Rich people pay attention to honor and Disgrace , placid , It's called conservation , Only with self-restraint can we have a deep roots . The poor can't care so much , Suffer others' white eyes all day long , All over the place , What a loser , I can't even talk about it ? It makes sense to chat ! rich person : go icxo.com Looking for investment opportunities online . Rich people go online , More is to use the low cost and high efficiency of the network , Looking for more investment opportunities and projects , Apply convenience to your business .

12, Spending money

poor people : Buy famous brands to experience satisfaction , Favorite experimental fashion products , Believe that the expensive must be good .

rich person : Buying famous brands is to save time in selecting details , Compared with the selling price of consumer goods , He cares more about the quality of the product , Like buying 15 Yuan's pure cotton t Shirt , They don't buy expensive Lycra products .

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