Comments in the program source code are often a place of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon , Let's take a look at the notes in the product of a foreign company . be careful : Do not drink or eat while watching .  

   Dear code maintainer :
   When you try to optimize this code and find that this is an extremely wrong decision , Please modify the timer below , In order to warn future generations .
   Total time wasted in this code = 16 hour

   It's really a problem

   This code is dedicated to my wife Darlene , Thank you for supporting me , And my three children and a dog .

   Magic code , Do not change

   Drunk , Do it later

   You may think you can read the following code . But you don't understand , Trust me .
   If you try to play with this code , You're going to curse yourself all night for thinking you're smart enough to optimize this code .
   okay , Now please close this file and play something else .

   programmer 1( to 2002 year 6 month 7 day ): Add some debugging code in the login interface temporarily
   programmer 2( to 2007 year 5 month 22 day ): I'm sorry

   Anyway, this method fixed the problem , I don't know why

   To understand recursion , Refer to the bottom of this document
  ( At the bottom of the file )
   To understand recursion , Refer to the top of this document

   Two wild thrusts ; // Pain

   Dear future myself , Please forgive me .
   I have an inexpressible apology .

   I am not responsible for the following code .
   They forced me to write , Against my will .

   Are you crazy ? Welcome to Sparta .

   If you can correct the problem , I'll give you two 72 year old virgins

   No notes for you , Hard to write code must be hard to read

  IE Browser's Hack ( Let's assume IE It's a browser )

   To be amended . Fix what ?

   If I see this code again , I'll come to work with a gun

   There's a dragon here ……

   When you read the following code , You have to figure out why I'm doing this .
   I want to read all the children under a root node , So that the control root node does not appear in the selection
On the frame . But that fool DBA Made some stupid excuses not to use the index to read the data , And ask me to use their stupid iterators . So here's the code .

   When I write this code , Only God and myself know what I'm doing .
   Now? , God knows .

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