See the note of this SMS number is Li Dan , Lin Xiao was stunned for more than ten seconds , I can't help but say to myself :“ Why did she suddenly think of looking for me ?”

   About Li Dan's being in Beijing , Lin Xiao has always known , After Li Dan ran away with Cheng hailun on the construction site , Maybe it's because of the boring and hard life on the construction site , Let Li Dan realize the difficulty of life , Li Dan is also an accountant , So Li Dan managed to get the CPA certificate , Later, due to the limited working environment at home , So I came to Beijing to work , And Helen Cheng started a long-distance love life .

   Naturally, Han Xia, Lin Xiao's mother, told him the news , After all, their mother is a very good friend , When Lin Xiaomeng knew the news , I can't help but feel some fluctuation in my heart , But later, with the pace of study and work, it gradually accelerates , Plus what happened with Ouyang Xiao , Lin Xiao gradually forgot about Li Dan's presence in Beijing .

   Now I suddenly hear from Li Dan , Let Lin Xiao realize again , Li Dan is always away from himself 10 Tongzhou, about km , It may take less than half an hour by subway .

   Think of this , Lin Xiao thinks tomorrow is the weekend , I have nothing to do with myself , So I came back with a trace of curiosity :“ I'm fine tomorrow , Where are you going ?”

   After returning the message , Lin Xiao throws his cell phone on the bed , I went to the bathroom to wash .

   When Lin Xiao comes back , Li Dan has returned the news , The content is :“ You didn't buy one iPhone Well , I want you to accompany me to check my cell phone tomorrow , I also want to buy one .”

   See the message , Lin Xiao finally knows why Li Dan wants to go shopping .

   So Lin Xiao almost came back without thinking ,“ That's ok , Let's meet at the subway station of Media University tomorrow , Then we went to Xidan .”

   After returning the message , Lin Xiao felt a little dull for a while , If Li Dan is still single , Maybe Lin Xiao will be a little excited , After all, Ouyang Xiaoyuan is in Zhengzhou , And I don't seem to know my ex boyfriend , This disappointed Lin Xiao for a long time , I don't even think they are lovers anymore .

   In this case , If we can renew our relationship with Li Dan , It's a beautiful thing .

   One step back , Even if the relationship can't go any further , As long as both are single , It's better than going shopping with someone's girlfriend .

   It's just that Lin Xiao is doomed to be extravagant , The relationship between Li Dan and Cheng hailun , That's what adults know , The relationship between the two , That's true .

   But Lin Xiao has to admit that , Now he , It's really boring to be alone at home on weekends , Even if it's going shopping with someone's girlfriend , He can only recognize it , Anyway? , It's better to be alone at home .


   That's it. , The next morning 10 At , Li Dan is on the subway , Meet Lin Xiao at the subway station of Media University .

   Since last goodbye , They haven't seen each other for almost two years , Now we meet in Beijing , Both started with a little formality .

   Today's Li Dan is wearing a pink dress , With delicate features and tall body , It looks very young and beautiful , Brilliant and moving . By contrast , Lin Xiao is much more simple , Standard programmer Plaid plus a pair of slacks , It's just a house guy loser .

   Such a pair appears on the subway , Naturally, many people pay attention to it , This makes them more silent on the road .

   I finally got off the subway , Both could not help but breathe a sigh of relief , Then they look at each other , I can't help laughing .

   This moment , Lin Xiao feels in his heart , It seems that something has been put down .

   Looking at the flow of people in front of us , Feel the mood at the moment , Lin Xiao suddenly felt , Maybe they are not suitable to be lovers all the time , It's more suitable to be friends . After all, they've known each other since childhood , We know each other's roots , Lost the sense of mystery that men and women should have , So it's hard to have that feeling between lovers .

   If it wasn't for Li Dan , And Lin Xiao was outstanding when he was at school , I'm afraid between the two , There's no such thing at all , Maybe it's just a simple yearning for good things .

   After you figure that out , When shopping in the back , There's no more formality between them .

   All the way , The two play each other's jokes , Eating chicken chops on the side of the road together , Bargain with the shop assistant , Even a cell phone with thousands of dollars , In the end, it just dropped 50 Yuan , Both of them are satisfied with each other and look at each other , This feeling made Lin Xiao feel , It's like they're back to the time when they were kids again , Simple and happy .

   And in Beijing, a city that is easy to feel lonely , This simple joy , Even more precious .


   After buying the mobile phone , They spent another hour in Xidan , That's why I'm dragging my tired body , On the way back to the subway .

   Originally, they planned to separate at the subway station of Media University , But on the way, Lin Xiao learned from Li Dan , Chen Kegang, a common friend of the two, attended Media University , So they decided , In the afternoon, I'll go to media university to find Chen Ke and have a meal before I leave .

   Lin Xiao's rental house is close to the MTR station of Media University , So they came to Lin Xiao's rental house together , Get ready for a break , Go to Chen Ke again .

   Chen Ke is about the same age as Lin Xiao , Chen Ke's mother and Lin Xiao's mother are also familiar , But relatively speaking , Lin Xiao's mother and Li Dan's mother are more closely related , So Lin Xiao and Chen Ke didn't meet much , But I'm familiar with it .

   Lin Xiao didn't think of it either , Chen Ke has been studying in the media university not far away from him , But Lin Xiao has no idea about Chen Ke , Chen Ke's character , To live is to be a woman , She can only be treated as a brother , It's hard to think of anything else .

   After Lin Xiao's rental house , Because Lin Xiao's room has no place to sit , Both can only sit on the bed , Talking while resting .

   of course , The most important , It must be Li Dan's new purchase iPhone mobile phone , After all, it cost so much money , We have to do a good inspection .

   Originally, they lived in the same room alone , At a young age , It's hard to avoid being different , But after what happened before , The relationship seems to have become a lot more pure , It also allows them to spend time alone , The atmosphere won't look so awkward .

   So it's about afternoon 6 Around , They came to media university together , As soon as we get to the door , Lin Xiao sees Chen Ke in a cowboy suit , Standing at the gate of Media University , Waving at them .

  “ Well ! Lin Xiao , Li Dan , I'm here .”

   After the three meet , Naturally, there is no shortage of greetings , Then they found a restaurant nearby to eat .

   On the way to dinner , The most frequent topics , It's the name of Helen Cheng . Chen Ke's mother and Li Dan's mother also know each other , So what happened to Li Dan and Cheng hailun , It's not hard to know Chen Ke .

   Now Chen Ke is about to graduate , It's a time of expectation for the future , After learning about Li Dan , The heart of gossip is burning , While learning about Li Dan and Cheng hailun , Looking forward to your future .

   Lin Xiao looks at Chen Ke's obsessed expression , Almost certain , I'm afraid Chen Ke is also dreaming , There will be a prince charming in a sports car in the future , To save myself and the fire .

   This also made Lin Xiao sigh , It seems that women and men are girls , They all have the potential to love Princess dreams .

   That's it. , Dinner for three , I spent it in Chen Ke's infinite admiration and exclamation , afterwards , Li Dan takes the subway to TongZhou , Chen Ke walked back to school , And Lin Xiao , Naturally, a man walked back to the rental house .

   That night , Lin Xiao lies on the bed , There's a sense of returning from dreams to reality , And he realized again , In my own life , Actually, there is no Li Dan , It's just the busy work , And the quarrel with Ouyang Xiao .


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        This novel , It will be finished eventually , certain !       

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