Han Xia felt a thrill in her heart , Ask tentatively :“ What's up? ? Why not take it ?”

   Lin Xiao looks at his mother's expression , I knew that my mother must have misunderstood her meaning , To explain :“ Don't worry , mum . I have no regrets . It's just that I don't think this family is very reliable , Let's change .”

  “ Why not ? You see, Uncle Wu is standing here , That's what he learned .” Han Xia points to Wu Dalang , Some anxiously said .

   Wu Dalang also agrees with Tao :“ Yeah , Lin Xiao . Listen to your mother .”

   Lin Xiao also knows that he can't be so hesitant all the time , So he said decisively :“ Come on . Let's go to the headquarters of this training institution again , Anyway, the headquarters is in Beijing , It's no trouble going there . and , Usually we buy a dress and compare it with three , What's more, it's about my future , Right ?”

   Han Xia hears the words and ponders for a moment , I think what my son said is reasonable , So he agreed :“ ok . Then go to the headquarters . But let's talk about it first , To the headquarters , Whatever , You can't go back .”

  “ That's ok ! No remorse ! let's go .”


   Because Han Xia is not familiar with the road of Beijing , Wudalang usually takes the subway and is blind , So it took three hours , I finally came to Zhongguancun , Which is where the headquarters of training institutions are located .

   But when Lin Xiao saw the three story building in front of him , I almost opened my mouth and scolded my mother . This is the core campus of Zhongguancun , That's what it looks like ? This can't be the wrong place ?

   Looking at Lin Xiao's face , Wu Dalang also knows what Lin Xiao thinks , I have to explain :“ Lin Xiao , This place is really the core campus . You don't think this place is as big as Yizhuang , But the price is much more expensive than there , If it really counts , It's estimated to be several times more than that of Yizhuang .”

   Han Xia agrees with Tao when she sees the truth :“ Yeah . This is the Third Ring Road , It's more prosperous than Yizhuang . let's go , Go in and have a look .”

   Have to say , This so-called core central village Campus , Although it looks a little shabby , But there's something else in it . In terms of decoration , It's much better than that campus in Yizhuang , It's not luxury , But it has a different flavor .

   After the third floor , On the way to qiantai , The walls on both sides are covered with all kinds of pictures . It's not hard to see , These are the students here , Everyone has a smile on their face , A successful look .

   After arriving at the front desk , Same as before in Yizhuang , The front desk lady also told three people , Let them wait here for the counselor . But this time it's different , The front desk lady is talking about the gold medal consultant teacher .

   Hear the word "gold medal" , Lin Xiao can't help but curl his mouth , It's about bragging , This training institution is really good at Taoism .

   After a while , One looks about 35 About , Full body , The man in professional dress came to the three . The reason why it doesn't show this person's gender , It's because of what Lin Xiao thinks , It 's impossible to tell whether this person is male or female .

   Say it's female , This man has short hair , A clean look , I can't see a woman at all . But it's a man , This man's chest muscles are a little too developed .

   Until the man spoke , Lin Xiaocai is sure , This so-called gold medal consultant teacher , It turned out to be a woman .

  “ How do you do , I'm the gold advisor here , My name is Jin , You can call me Miss Kim .” As soon as the consultant came up, he greeted the three people warmly .

  “ Damn it . Gold advisor surnamed Jin ? This teacher is specially sent by monkeys to amuse me ?” Lin Xiao slandered in his heart , But there was a harmless animal smile on his face :“ Hello , Mr. Jin . We are here for training .”

  “ Okay . Look, these two should be your family .” Mr. Jin looked at Han Xia and Wu Dalang a little and said .

  “ Mr. Jin, you have a good eye . I'm his mother , This is his uncle .” Han Xia said enthusiastically .

  “ You are welcome . Come on , Let's not stand , Go in and talk .” subsequently , Mr. Jin took Lin Xiao with him , Came to my office .

   Mr. Kim's office is not big , But because of the sunshine , It's not depressing .

   After four people are seated , Mr. Jin asked Lin Xiao first :“ by the way , What's your name? ?”

  “ teacher , My name is Lin Xiao .”

  “ Lin Xiao , That's a good name . Welcome , Lin Xiao .” Mr. Jin first made a polite remark to Lin Xiao , Asked immediately :“ Do you know our course ?”

   Lin Xiao said casually :“ Simply understand , But I only know that we're training in programming , And then the course is divided into two periods , Right ?”

   Mr. Jin nodded and said :“ you 're right . Our courses here are mainly Java and .NET, You said that two courses are the most popular in our school , It's specifically for high school students . by the way , I don't think you look like you just graduated from high school , What is your education background ?”

  “ I have graduated from the University .” Lin Xiao replied .

  “ Undergraduate course ?” Mr. Jin once heard that Lin Xiao graduated from the University , Immediately shook his hand and said :“ I don't need to study for that long , The two courses basically start with the switch , You've all been to College , I think the basic operation of the computer should be very familiar .”  

   I heard that Mr. Jin said it would not take so long to learn , Lin Xiao couldn't help but feel a joy in his heart , Nod and say :“ yes . I'm familiar with computers , Although I used to play games , But the basic operation , There's nothing to say about the system .”

  “ That's it . We have a program for college graduates , The slowest nine months , The fastest is only half a year . Now that you've graduated from college , Then there's no need to sign up for two courses , That tuition is too expensive , Long learning time , Not for a college student like you .”

   Listen to Miss Jin , Lin Xiao almost jumped up without excitement , But then I couldn't help feeling a little angry ,“ It turns out that you can finish it as soon as half a year ? Fortunately, I am always cautious , Otherwise, I would have been killed by that stupid consultant teacher of Yizhuang ? Mahler Gobi's .”

   Beyond excitement and anger , Lin Xiao couldn't help asking :“ How much do you charge for this course ?”

  “ We have just opened this course , So it's cheaper now , as long as 4 individual 8, Take work home . What do you think ?” Mr. Jin put out four fingers with one hand , One hand said with the gesture of eight .

  “8888? And I'll finish as soon as half a year ? It's not easy to be hesitant ?” Think of this , Lin Xiao nodded like a chicken pecking at rice :“ I think it's good , good . How can we sign up ?”

  “ You can go to the front desk with the money in a moment , The staff there will help you sign up .”

   Han Xia didn't speak at all , Now it's almost settled , Can't help saying :“ Mr. Jin , You are such a good teacher . Let's go down and get the money , Sign up at the front desk .”

   Lin Xiao seldom hesitates this time , Turn around and follow Han Xia and Wu Dalang to get money .

   But just as the three were about to leave , But Mr. Jin stopped suddenly :“ Don't worry about it , We still have an important thing to decide .”

   Lin Xiao's heart tightened , Keep an eye on Mr. Jin and ask :“ What's important ?”

   Han Xia and Wu Dalang are staring at Mr. Jin in a daze , Waiting for her next .

   Mr. Jin looks at the tense faces of the three , Can't help but explain with a smile :“ Don't be nervous . That's true , If you want to sign up , There's only one thing left to decide .” Speaking of this , Mr. Jin's eyes fell on Lin Xiao , Then I went on :“ Lin Xiao , Do you think which programming language to learn ?”


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   This article , To Dragon Boat Festival , No female ticket , No appointments , Losers who live alone at home .

   Loser Cheng is with you !


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