<> preface

Every programmer has a dream of a big factory , And Alibaba is the most popular company among the Internet companies , Today, Xiaobian is going to share a story about a young man entering Alibaba !

“ Programmers who don't want to enter the big factory are not good programmers ” Ha ha ha

After the Spring Festival , This is the time of gold, silver and four , Most people are ready to get a job in two months , But this year's 2020 Something special , Pneumonia is rampant , It has a great impact on our work and life . that , Is that right , We don't work , Don't study ? actually , It's because it's during the spread of the virus , So it's better for us to study hard at home . about Java For programmers , Take advantage of these two or three months , study hard , Get ready , When the epidemic gets better , At the beginning of the interview , Not to be afraid .
I've prepared for half a year , And finally got Ali offer!

<> Personal information

I am an ordinary double non undergraduate , More than three years of development (Java back-end ), I usually study hard and ask questions , Take work seriously and responsibly , I'm very confident that I can work in a large factory , My direction is Java, I know now Java The competition is fierce , Big factories are hard to enter , But I'm not afraid at all . For this reason, preparations began half a year ago , At the beginning of this year, I was pushed down by a big guy and got Ali's success with my review and efforts on knowledge points offer!

Thank you so much for your help and help !

<>Java Middleware side

1. Scope of technical investigation :
● That's the point Java Line lock : synchronized and ReentrantLock Related underlying implementation
● The underlying implementation of thread pool and common parameters
● Data structure is basically asked - All over : Linked list , Queues, etc
●Java Memory model : Frequently asked JVM Generational model , as well as JDK1.8 The difference after , Finally, I asked JVM dependent
Tuning parameters
● Implementation comparison of distributed lock
2. Technical side :
1. introduce oneself to
2. What kind of technology are you good at ?
3. Java What kinds of locks are there ? ( Optimistic lock & Pessimistic lock , Reentrant lock &Synchronize etc. )
4. More important data structure , Like the list , queue , Basic understanding and general implementation of stack
5. J.U.C Use of common classes under .ThreadPool An in-depth study of Observe ; BlockingQueue Use of
6. Java Memory generation model , GC algorithm , JVM Common startup parameters ; CMS Algorithm process .
7. volatile What's the use of keywords ( Including underlying principles )
8. Tuning strategy of thread pool
9. spring cloud How is service registration and discovery designed ?
10. Global of distributed system id How to achieve
11. Scheme of distributed lock , redis and zookeeper Which one is better , If it is a cluster deployment , Which performance in concurrent case
better .

<>Java Middleware two sides

1. Scope of technical investigation :
● Asked about the technical implementation details related to the project
Database related : Implementation of bottom layer of index ,mysq Related row locks , Watch lock, etc
●redis relevant : architecture design , data - Sexual problems
● container : Design principle of container, etc
2. Two aspects of Technology :
1. Projects involved , Choose one , Where is the technical difficulty ?
2. Collections.sort Bottom sorting method
3. Principle of load balancing
4. Design pattern and reconstruction , Talk about your understanding of refactoring
5. chat Redis What are the mature solutions for related clusters ?
6. Let's talk about it again - Cause hash algorithm (redis)?
7. Database index , B + The characteristics of trees and the process of building trees .
8. mysq| Related row locks , Watch lock ; Optimistic lock , Pessimistic lock
9. On the use of multithreading and concurrent tools
10. Lecture Redis Architecture and components of
11. Redis Data consistency of ( Distributed multi Node environment & Stand alone environment )
12. docker container

<>Java Three aspects of Middleware

1. Three aspects of Technology
● This paper mainly discusses the implementation of concurrency
● And Middleware : redis, rocketmq, kafka Etc
● Finally, I asked how to improve the technology
2. Three aspects of Technology
1. High concurrency , How the system supports a large number of requests ?
2. Then the above questions , Extended to middleware , kafka,redis, rocketmq, mycat etc. Design ideas and adaptability
Use scenarios, etc
3. Recently … Which technology sites on ; What books are you reading recently .
4. Biggest challenges in work and life , How to overcome ?
5. What are your plans for the future

<>Java Four sides of Middleware

last , you'll see , Mainly HR Go through the process , Mainly asked about future career planning .
) Half year review preparation , Direct to Alibaba
Learn about learning
During this period, I kept looking for materials to study , Also through many channels and friends to one - Written by meituan Architects Java Interview book
( 284 piece ) I gave a copy of it to me Java The interview is over , So I found Java Back end and - - Interview scenes and questions of some large factories are constantly scratched to improve their horizons )
) Java Review knowledge of core interview book
This one Java Core knowledge deeply analyzes each knowledge point , It should be very helpful to all of you , It takes most of the Java knowledge
Gather in - From deep analysis ( It's very recommended to all of you - - see )
2. JAVA aggregate
3. JAVA Multithreading concurrency
4. JAVA Basics
5. Spring principle
6. Microservice
7. Hetty And PC
8. network
9. journal
12.Rabbi tMQ
13.Hbase .
16. Design pattern
17. load balancing
18. database
19. Consistency algorithm
20.JAVA algorithm
21. data structure .
22. encryption algorithm
23. Distributed cache
28. machine learning
29. cloud computing
Interview scene of large factory ( In order to learn to improve, you can have no face or skin , Ah ha ha ha ha )

I also found a lot of question brushes for the face-to-face scenarios of these large factories , It's also a great way to improve yourself ( And asked for an interview )
Meituan part of noodle Sutra
Interview scene of Tal **) last
Many people sigh ” Learn without use ”, In fact, the reason for the theory of uselessness , Because what you want doesn't match what you learn
upper , This means that I have not learned enough . Whether it's study or work , Should be proactive , So if you have
Dream of Dachang , Then we should try our best to realize it .

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