When college students step out of school and enter the society , No matter what industry you are in , The first job has special significance . When it comes to the first job, there are usually two opinions :

The first is that the salary of the first job is the most important , Because it's about your future salary increase . Another way of saying that the salary of the first job is not important , Because I just joined the society , We should accumulate more experience , Improve your ability , Don't care too much about salary , Select platform , Pay is more important than follow .

As a person who has worked hard in the workplace for many years , I think both are important , And it's complementary . Money matters . After all, you need to survive . in fact , Students who have just graduated from ordinary undergraduate courses may even 5000
No one can find a job . Because their abilities are not worth it 5000. What's more sad is that some leather companies don't even pay for social security , All year round, I've been recruiting new graduates as cheap labor .

Many graduates of Computer Science , It's taught at school Linux
And operating system principles , Basic knowledge of network , But when you ask them some basic professional questions , They can't answer at all . In the age of students , Many people waste their time in Internet bars , game , Tiktok and other meaningless, nutritious things. , A mixed Diploma .

Out of school , I don't know when I ask for an interview , But I found a job with low salary , Then comfort yourself , It doesn't matter if the wage is low , It's important to build capacity . This is typical Q spirit .

in fact , It's hard for these people to find the right job because they don't have a solid foundation , We can only find some basic jobs , And if you don't change yourself in time , It's very difficult to change jobs and raise wages in the future , Some can only choose one unit and keep working with low salary .

On the contrary, some students practice hard , Strong self driving and learning ability , All aspects of ability and quality are good , I have made great achievements in school , And made a plan for the selection and development of future work , Actively learn relevant knowledge and skills , There are some small projects completed independently .

This kind of person is very popular with enterprises , After graduation, he can have enough capital to talk with the company about conditions and salary , The chances of promotion and raise in the workplace are far greater than those of the above group , And even the current environment can't satisfy him , He can also easily jump out to find other platforms that are more suitable for him .

Let me give you an example , Liu, who just graduated, has a poor technical foundation , After graduation, I have been looking for a few months, but I haven't found a suitable job , Later, he was cheated by the scammer of the recruitment website into MLM in the name of the recruitment programmer , It took several turns to get out .

This example may be a little sad , In fact, the average person will not be cheated into MLM , But maybe I can only find some unknown start-up companies after graduation . In fact, it's hard for most startups to make great progress , Including salary , Contacts and insights . And some graduates of science and technology classes in famous universities are recruited by large factories or get internships , The future prospects of these people must be much better .

Take programmers for example , Do you think the high concurrency technology you learn from books will be used by a small company with four or five people or by an enterprise like Ali . In a small company, you may not use high concurrency technology for several years . In fact, those who master these technologies and have experience in using them will be paid much more than the former .

therefore , I don't think it's important to discuss the first salary , It's better to jump out of this question and discuss whether you have the ability to match the target position , in fact , Good companies and platforms , And always there , But if your ability doesn't meet the requirements, you can't go in .

And if you waste your time in college , And already at work , Let's find a job that matches our interests , And then grow up in every way as soon as possible , Improve your ability . Only in this way can we hope to jump to a better platform .

For this , What do you think ? Welcome to share your opinions in the comment area !

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