If you can give suggestions to wechat ,“ Delete friends in both directions ” Must be the most vocal .

We all have a situation , Someone deleted you , And you don't know . Not only does it take up space ( In fact, it doesn't account for much ), Mainly station location .

Because wechat can be added at most 5000 Friends , More people are doing wechat business 5000, Although wechat is open 5000 Friend restrictions , however 5000 You can't see your circle of friends outside , For wechat business , Chicken ribs . So if you can put these “ dead ” It's very important for friends to find out .

Some people say that we can send messages in groups , Previous versions may work , But the latest editions are all invalid , Although group hair can be sent out , But you don't know if the other side can get the message . be similar to UDP agreement , Send only , But there is no guarantee that the other party will receive it .

The first way : Transfer to friends

If you're not sure if they've been deleted , Then you can try to transfer money to him 0.01 element , If you're not friends anymore , The system will prompt that the other party is not your friend and cannot transfer money .

The second way : Delete first and then add back

If you are worried about the transfer is not safe , Then you can try to delete the other party first , And then add it back , If the other party is your friend , When you add him again , Will be added directly , No message will be received , If the other person is no longer your friend , Then the system will prompt you to send a friend application to the other party , So you can make sure he 's deleted .

The third way : Initiate group chat

Create a new group chat , Pull all your friends into a group , If the corresponding is not your friend , The system will prompt you to send a friend verification application to the other party first .

It should be noted that , Do not initiate group chat more than 40 personal , Less than 40 Personal time , They don't know you created group chat , As long as you don't send messages, you won't disturb your friends . If more than 40 people , Xinla's people can join the group chat only when they are agreed by each other .

The fourth method : Using tools

There are many tools to detect the deletion of friends on the market , But security is not guaranteed . So it's not recommended here . If you can write code , In fact, there are ways to check it out , Because these tools realize batch automatic detection through code . But I'm not going to talk about it here .

Do you want wechat to delete friends from each other ? Click here and let wechat see how many people are calling for this function .

Thinking questions : Didn't wechat consider the problem of deleting friends in two ways ? There must be , But why is wechat blind to user feedback ?

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