<>1. Unified initialization method
int arr[3]{1, 2, 3}; vector<int> iv{1 ,2, 3}; map<int, string> mp{{1, "a"}, {3,
"b"}}; int* p = new int[6]{1, 2, 3};
<>2. Member variables have initial values
class Test{ public: int m_ = 100; };
<>3.auto keyword

Used to define variables , Compiler can automatically determine the type of variable

<>4.decltype keyword

Find the type of expression

<>5. Smart pointer shared_ptr

Header file
adopt shared_ptr Constructor for , Can make shared_ptr Object hosting a new Pointer returned by operator
shared_ptr <T> ptr(new T);
Multiple shared_ptr Object can host a pointer at the same time , The system maintains a managed count . When none shared_ptr When the pointer is hosted ,delete This pointer
shared_ptr Object cannot host a pointer to a dynamically allocated array , Otherwise, there will be an error in the operation of the program . Object OK ???ok
Some methods :

<>6. Null pointer nullptr

<>7. Range based for loop
int arr[] = {1 ,2, 3}; for(int& e:arr) e *= 10; for(int e: arr) cout << e <<
<>8. Right value references and move semantics

Right value : generally speaking , Cannot take address expression , Right value , Addressable , That's left
No deep copy , increase of efficiency

<>1. Unordered containers ( Hashtable )

<>2. regular expression

Include header file <regex>

<>3.Lambda expression

form :
[ External variable access specifier ]( Parameter table )-> return type
Statement group
sort(a, a+4, [](int x, int y)->bool{ return x%10 < y%10; });// It's convenient

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