css Full name: cascading style sheet , It is mainly used to define HTML Display style of content in browser , As text size , colour , Bold font, etc .

css Code is usually stored in style In label

css Styles consist of selectors and declarations , Declaration consists of attributes and values

Selector { attribute : value }, for example :p{color:red;};

Selector : Also known as selector , Indicates the elements in the web page to which style rules are applied

statement : In English braces {} In is the statement , Colon between property and value : separate . When there are multiple declarations , Semicolon in English ; separate .

css Placement position

Inline style

Direct label style Attribute

Not recommended

Inline Style Sheet

Written in style In label

External style sheet

Put an independent .css File import to HTML In file , use link The label is written in head In label .

rel="stylesheet" Define type as cascading style sheet

css Inheritance of

css Some styles of are inherited , So what is inheritance ? Inheritance is a rule , It allows styles to be applied to more than one specific html Label element , And it's applied to their offspring .

Non inheritable style :display,margin,border,padding,background,height,

Inheritable styles :letter-spacing,word-spacing,white-space,line-height

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