Web page structure

One HTML Files have their own fixed structure .
<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title></title> </head> <
body> </body> </html>
<!DOCTYPE html> Define document type , Tell the browser which standard to interpret HTML

<html></html> It tells the browser that it is a HTML file .

<head></head> Tags are used to define the header of a document , It's the container for all the head elements . The head elements are <title></title>
<script></script> <style></style> <link> <meta> Isolable .

<title> Element to define the title of the document .

<link> The label will css Style files linking to html In document .

<meta> Define metadata for a document , Meta information of web page .

Module division

Each web page is composed of different functional modules , So when we're going to make a web page , We want to separate each function module of the web page

Common enterprise websites , Mostly from the head area , Display image area , Subject area , Bottom information area composition

Web page splitting principle

* From top to bottom
* From inside out
div header footer nav atricle aside Equal label is often used for module division

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