Little girl born , Suspension of work ( discharge 1~2 Months of vacation ), Full time care for adults and children .
The mother is in her hometown because of the contradiction between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law , Mother in law's future for some reason . Full time care , Including but not limited to : Buy food, cook soup , Feeding for diapers , Sleep and play , Washing and bathing .

target :
Normal regression of jaundice . No blue light .
Normal loss of navel , No inflammation .
My Lord, take a good seat .

But do good , No comments . A child's health is good .

Summary :
1, Navel
After careful care , It's been a tough ride . Pre bath , Cord lag , Stick with band aid , No repeat of the sledgehammer .

2, jaundice
normal , Leave hospital to buy Herbs ( Among them are wormwood , Yellow mast, etc ), Before and after 6 Secondary solution , Interval sun exposure , No abnormality through visual inspection . Full moon preventive injection test normal .

3, Name

It's been a long fight , At first, adults asked her to start her own life , Later, I changed my mind to say that I was a boy , Girl, she's up . I don't agree with you , quarrel . Posthumous anger , Say a man's name “ Zixin ”, Woman's name “ Zixin ”, To call again “ Lemon ”. I replied that there was a famous host who also read this , Not satisfied , Fight again . Later, the circle of friends said the names of children and mothers . It's serious , Multiple intervention . Please leave your mother-in-law , Last name , But the account was transferred to the woman .

4, quarrel

I have a clear conscience , But it can't always be what people want . To name , registered residence , Less than boiling water , Bottle washing , Feeding posture , Embrace sleep . Mother in law to take care of 2 day , Names and other things , Noisy , My mother-in-law is angry , Later friends threatened suicide , And then he left with the kid , Return of mother-in-law , look for , Telephone contact 1 It didn't work in half an hour . Posterior gyrus , small home appliances , Cask and basin suffer .

5, result

After that , Offend my father and mother , Ask not to go home for the new year . To be discouraged , Feeling hopeless in life , muddle along . Not so , But no result . Tell mother-in-law , Fruitless , To give up one's life , It's time to bring children , It's time to cook , Take time to write code .

For many today “ main stream ” Concept and feminist consciousness , It's hard to make sense that we can't combine our own situation without discrimination . Education varies greatly , Can 't make sense . Don't be half understanding , apparently right but actually wrong . Family discord , Can't afford anything .

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