Because of the arrival of Liu Shuting , There are some subtle changes in the Office , In the originally quiet and busy atmosphere , A little more charming .

   And why , Nature mainly comes from Wang Lixin .

   All three of Lin Xiao can see it , Wang Lixin after Liu Shuting came , The whole person has changed a lot , Wang Lixin used to be dirty all day , I'm afraid I can't wash my hair once a week , And since Liu Shuting came , Wang Lixin obviously washes his hair every other day or two , And I spray perfume on my body .

   Lin Xiao's station is opposite to Wang Lixin's , You can smell the strong fragrance from Wang Lixin .

   In fact, image alone , Wang Lixin has not changed much , After all, it 's still the big back with some hair loss , With a pockmarked face , And the typical black leather , It still looks like a Hong Kong boss , It's just that I used to be a rather sloppy Hong Kong boss , And now the boss has begun to take care of himself .

   Wang Lixin's biggest change , Or his spirit .

   Former Wang Lixin , be scanty of words , serious in speech and manner , Just like an introverted and self abased otaku man , And since Liu Shuting came , Wang Lixin often has a confident smile on his face , This surprised all three of Lin Xiao .

   But Lin Xiao can understand it if he thinks about it carefully , Wang Lixin is one of those people who lack of love experience , It's not outstanding to meet a person suddenly , But a pretty girl , I often show a little worship to myself , I'm afraid it's hard for anyone to resist .

   Although Liu Shuting may have no idea , Just as a new person , Thanks for Wang Lixin's help , Occasionally, I would show my gratitude , But Wang Lixin obviously didn't think so .


   Several days in a row , Wang Lixin is always tired of it , Answer all kinds of Xiaobai questions to Liu Shuting , Although it's boring , It's a waste of time , Wang Lixin even continued for several days , We have to work late to ensure our work progress , But it also greatly satisfied Wang Lixin's vanity .

   One day at noon , Wang Lixin and Lin Xiao , Go down to dinner as usual , Coincidentally , Liu Shuting just came out of the company , Take the elevator with Lin Xiao .

   Wang Lixin sees Liu Shuting , The expression is a little unnatural , It seems a little shy , There's no way to answer questions in the company , It's a great way to talk .

   After Li Kui noticed this scene , I think it's interesting , He couldn't help pretending to be surprised and joking to Wang Lixin :“ oh dear ! Wang Lixin ! How is your face red ?”

   Said by Li Kui , Plus Liu Shuting is in the elevator , Maybe I feel ashamed in front of a beautiful woman , Wang Lixin suddenly felt that he could not hang on his face , I can't help but get close to Li Kui and kick him :“ Don't talk about it , Take care of your mouth .”

   Li Kui didn't think Wang Lixin would have such a reaction , Got kicked like this for no reason , Plus, the relationship between them is not very harmonious , Li Kui's face suddenly sank , Said the voice with some displeasure :“ Are you kidding , What are you doing , Can't you be such a big man ?”

   Originally, Wang Lixin felt that he lost his grace in front of a beautiful woman , Said by Li Kui , Wang Lixin feels more embarrassed , So he said to each other in a tit for tat way :“ Does it have anything to do with you ?”

   Li Kui seems to be completely annoyed at the news , It's not light or heavy to kick Wang Lixin directly :“ You kicked me , Do you think it matters ?”

   Maybe Li Kui is stronger , I'm not sure about my strength , Wang Lixin's stumble after being kicked , Almost fell to the ground .

   Liu Shuting has been watching silently without speaking , Lin Xiao and Cheng Jiali are both playing mobile phones , It doesn't matter , After all, it's not the first time they're joking , Although I occasionally have two words , But it's not a big deal , But by now , The two finally felt something was wrong .

   But it's obviously too late , Because Wang Lixin got a kick from Li Kui , I've hit Li Kui , Li Kui was caught off guard , So I didn't get away .

   And Li Kui after a blow , He kicked Wang Lixin directly , It can be seen from the first round , Wang Lixin obviously can't beat Li Kui , This kick directly blinded Wang Lixin , Hit the elevator hard , So that the elevator shakes violently .

   Just in time , The elevator is arriving 6 Layer time , Maybe someone pressed the elevator before , The elevator stopped on the sixth floor .

   As soon as the elevator door opens , Liu Shuting is close to the elevator door , The first one ran out in panic , And Lin Xiao and Cheng Jiali are trying to pull a shelf inside , Unfortunately , Their physique can't completely hold Li Kui and Wang Lixin , But if you only pull one person , The other person will take advantage of the mobile .

   therefore , After about half a minute , Two people simply do not pull , And out of the elevator , Liu Shuting and Liu Shuting are outside watching the duel .

   Lin Xiao glances at Liu Shuting , Except for a little panic on his face , No other expression , I don't know what I'm thinking .

   Maybe Liu Shuting will think , This fight is because of her , But actually Lin Xiao and Cheng Jiali are the most clear , There's a big part to this one , It's not Liu Shuting , It's a long time ago , Liu Shuting in this matter , At best, it's a fuse .

   Even Lin Xiao suspected , Did Li Kui deliberately make Wang Lixin look ugly while Liu Shuting was there , To stimulate Wang Lixin , So that he can fight with Wang Lixin .

   After all, in terms of physique , After a fight , Wang Lixin must have suffered .

   So it is , I'll call you in the elevator , But it's clear that Wang Lixin is at an absolute disadvantage .

   It lasted about half a minute , Wang Lixin took the lead in stopping , It seems that he also wants to understand , Keep fighting like this , He's the only one to lose .

   Li Kui sees Wang Lixin stop , I didn't do it myself , Lin Xiao and Cheng Jiali see the right time , Go straight into the elevator and pull Li Kui out , Wang Lixin went down by himself in the elevator .

   Before Wang Lixin goes down , Lin Xiao glances at Wang Lixin , I found that the other side's face had been beaten black and purple , Even the glasses are deformed .

   Li Kui, on the other hand, has nothing , Obviously, the result of this fight , Li Kui is a complete winner .

   After Wang Lixin goes down , Lin Xiao didn't make the elevator , It's all there is 6 Layers , The three simply went down the stairs , Liu Shuting is going to wait and take the elevator , They just happened to run into each other in the elevator , I didn't plan to eat together , So she left the three of Lin Xiao .

   When they get to the first floor , Wang Li's new man is gone , Neither did Lin Xiao , Obviously , Four people can't eat together , Wang Lixin can't wait for them here .

   When I come back to work after dinner , Everyone is working as usual , Except for the wound on Wang Lixin's face , As if nothing had happened .

   Liu Shuting is also very knowledgeable. She didn't ask Wang Lixin questions , It has relieved some embarrassments of Wang Lixin .

   Until the next morning , Lin Xiao and Li Kui are smoking outside , Wang Lixin suddenly stepped out of the company , Stare at Li Kui and say :“ Li Kui , What are you going to do about it .”


------ Dividing line ------


   It's been a long time , The last photo I took when I was smoking outside made amends , ha-ha .4s Photographed , Pixel seems a little pitiful .

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