There has always been a disdain chain in the programmer community , Especially education , all the time ,985,211 A master's degree from a famous university , For large companies, those with too low education background, such as ordinary bachelor's degree , College graduates , It's like a natural sense of superiority , The old man is fine , If everyone is new , So these two groups will be very far away , People think of these people subjectively “ no way ”.

Although we have been emphasizing , Don't judge others absolutely by their education background , But it's actually getting worse all the time .

And for a job seeker , Education is a good stepping stone in most cases , Especially after graduation , It's hard to tell the difference between abilities , But education and achievement are very intuitive , A lot of big companies HR We will also take education background as the first screening standard .

We have no objection to using this as a criterion , But if the interview process because of the contempt for education and make some “ Personal attack ” Or excessive humiliation , It's a little bit too much . For example, recently there was a programmer with a college degree , The interviewer is very disdainful , At last, I tore my resume to my face , It's just outrageous !

Let alone the education background , The attitude of job-hunting is at least correct , I can see that I also attach great importance to interview opportunities , But that's too much for the interviewer , Let's see what netizens say :

I don't know what the interviewer's attitude is , But for a job seeker , It's a blow , Something very humiliating , Everyone will be angry . What do you think ? What would you do if it were you ?

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