/** I have a colleague , It's also a good brother , Work hard and be responsible , I always hope that my elegant and readable code will be seen and praised by the leaders , From then on to the peak of ape life . But the reality is brutal , One Monday , The Department began to lay off workers , He didn't expect to be HR Call to a small glass room to talk , Come back in three minutes , Start packing . After I left, I took over the module he was in charge of , No handover , I'll be comfortable soon. I'll go on with it , Didn't ask him a single question ...*/

// second , It takes a lot of time to write notes , There is no output for projects that are fast iterating Online .

// third , Better write a log than a comment , hold // change into logger.info, If there's a problem online, it's good to check

// fourth , Big bulls generally don't like to write business codes , So they don't have to write notes

// fifth , Once comments are mixed in the code, they are no longer pure , It's impossible to achieve the ultimate elegance

/*============================== But in general, a method declaration and a class declaration need to be annotated , Easy for callers to view . use // and /* Typed comments are discarded at compile time , however /** The typed comments will be included in the javadoc in . Before shrimps music that scolded users qiongbi That's how the comments of .===============================*/

What are the reasons why serious programmers don't want to write comments ? Welcome to add

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