Primary skills in time management ---- Do one thing at a time

time ABC classification - Do something important , And make him the best
1) A class : It's an important event that we decide we have to do by ourselves , It's a scheduled event , Including critical emergencies , Something important or not urgent .
2) B Class is a sudden emergency , It's an unplanned emergency .
3) C Class is another event , It's those that interfere with us inside and outside , But it's not that important or urgent .

<> The order of execution is , do A, delay B, record C

<>ABC255 Working method

* work 25 minute , rest 5 minute
* Reserve for yourself to deal with emergencies B Time of class event
* A When a class event is too large , Can be broken down into many 25+5 Small a event .
* In case of emergency B Class events can be handled completely a after , handle B event , And then come back and deal with the next little one a event
Do subtraction , Instead of adding, it's the core secret of life's success
1) According to the law of 28 , focusing 20% Events can improve 16 Multiple efficiency ,
focusing 4% Events can improve 256 Multiple efficiency . So focus on the biggest impact on your life , At the very least, it's the core of improving efficiency , Other things can be postponed , Deletion and delegation
2) Principle of high energy and important matters : Set aside a fixed time for important things first

<> Five categories of time

* rest time
* Fixed schedule time
* Elastic event time
* Blank time
* Reflection time
Reflection on how to write diary :
Reflect on your own performance in the past day , Record facts and feelings , Check the completion of yesterday's plan , If it's done, record the harvest and praise yourself , If not completed successfully , Just record the facts and your feelings , Review once in the brain , Similar things happened in the future , I know how to improve to get close to success .
2) Make a plan by writing a diary in Jiugongge
Get up early - reflect - plan - get some action

reflect :
Brought a lot of new people , A lot of people are complaining , Say that some things are added temporarily , Busy , I even think everyone is looking for his trouble , I've been busy dealing with it , Here, there .
Because it's hard to avoid mistakes when you're busy coping , And then we have to revise it again and again , Left in the last rage .

I have shared the principle of priority of important matters with new people , And column details , Record every task you receive , Write down the time to hand in , So that you can know when and what to hand in , Plan early . But I found that many people returned to their messy state after a few days .

Time management is something everyone needs to study hard , Can improve efficiency , Get more done at the same time .

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