every man jack , Have experienced their own more or less “ Highlight time ”, Small grey also has .

When does the highlight of little grey appear ? Yes 2019 year 5 month , When I first officially published the book .

A lot of people ask me :“ Ash , When your book is about to be published , How do you always feel ?”

Here's a funny thing to tell you :

last year , It's a month before Xiaohui officially publishes the book , I cross the road more carefully than usual every day . Why? ? Because Xiaohui is afraid of an accident , I don't have a chance to see my own book .

In little grey's subconscious , This book seems to be more important than your life , At that time, I was like a young father waiting for the birth of the child , I can't express my excitement .

yes , This book is 《 Comics algorithm 》, The first book in Xiaohui's life .

After the publication of this book , All kinds of surprises are waiting for Xiaohui :

1.《 Comics algorithm 》 Selected by Jingdong 2019 The best selling new science and technology books

2.《 Comics algorithm 》 On the billboard of the bus station during the double 11

3.《 Comics algorithm 》 For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan readers , Out of the traditional version

up to now ,《 Comics algorithm 》 Sales volume has broken through 50000 book , This sales volume is IT The field is a pretty good number !

Maybe some new people don't understand , What on earth does this book say ?

The book consists of six parts :

Chapter I Algorithm overview

The related concepts of algorithm and data structure are introduced , Tell us what the algorithm is , What is the data structure , What are their uses , How to analyze time complexity , How to analyze space complexity .

Chapter II Data structure foundation

The basic data structure is introduced , Include array , Linked list , Stack , queue , The concept of hash table and its read-write operation .

Chapter III tree

This paper introduces the concept of tree and binary tree , Various traversal methods of binary tree , Application of binary heap and priority queue .

Chapter IV Sorting algorithm

Several typical sorting algorithms are introduced , Include bubble sort , Quick sort , Heap sort , Count sort , Bucket sort .

Chapter V Algorithm in interview

Introduced 10 More popular algorithmic interview questions and detailed solutions in the workplace . For example, how to judge whether a linked list has links , How to add large integers .

Chapter VI Practical application of the algorithm

This paper introduces some applications of the algorithm in the workplace , For example, using LRU Algorithm to eliminate cold data , use Bitmap Algorithm to count user characteristics, etc .

For those who are eager to learn algorithms , Whether you are a computer major student , Or a new person who has entered the workplace , Or a veteran who has many years of working experience but is not good at algorithms , This book can help you
Farewell to the fear of algorithm , Recognition algorithm , Master the algorithm .

In the last few days , It happens to be Jingdong book special day ,《 Comics algorithm 》 This book is on sale in Jingdong , Not only 86 fracture , And full 100 reduce 50 Of , Promotion deadline 5 month 31 day .

Rare opportunity , You can scan the QR code below to buy :

You can also click on the bottom left corner to read the original , Find the entrance to the book .

Thank you again for your support , Xiaohui will continue to work hard to bring everyone , Keep improving on the way of algorithm learning !

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