5 month 11 Japanese news , According to foreign media , Last weekend Elon · Musk (Elon Musk) stay Twitter
After the announcement that Tesla headquarters will be moved out of California , To the displeasure of a California congresswoman , It is directly in Twitter Scold musk “F**K Elon
Musk”. California Congresswoman Lorena · Gonzalez (Lorena Gonzalez) There was a tweet on Saturday night .

   Previously, musk passed Twitter express , He will move the company's headquarters to Texas or Nevada .

   Musk tweeted that ,“ Tesla is suing Alameda County . What Alameda calls ‘ Temporary health officer ’ Unelected and ignorant , It's against the governor , president , Constitutional freedom even simple common sense !” He added that ,“ Frankly, this is the last straw . Tesla will now move its headquarters and future projects to Texas or Nevada immediately . If you want us to keep the manufacturing activities of Fremont completely , It will depend on how Tesla is treated in the future . Tesla is the last automaker to remain in California .”

   And Gonzalez's tweet caused a stir on social media . But then it explains why :“ California has been subsidizing a company . But the company has always ignored the safety and well-being of its workers , Has been cracking down on unions , Always bullying civil servants . Maybe I can express my depression in a less aggressive way . of course , In that case, no one will care about my tweet . in addition , A novel coronavirus death case in California , More Hispanics . so far , Our community is the hardest hit . Maybe that's why we take public health officials' warnings and instructions so seriously .”

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