Re create an empty project , It's here :

Then create a new empty project step by step by default .



Step 2 , Add in project file . Right click the project folder in the project file list to select c++ source file . The steps are as follows :

Step 3 start typing code .

The code is as follows :

#include<QDialog> #include<Qlabel.h> #include<QApplication> int main(int
argc,char **argv){ QApplication a(argc,argv); QDialog w; QLabel label(&w);
label.setText("hello,wolrd! Hello ");; return a.exec(); }
  Need attention : Because my version is QT5, Default above QApplication,QDialog
,Qlabel stay QtWidgets In the module , So if you run the above code directly, you will get an error .

resolvent :

stay .pro Add to file :
QT += core gui greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets

This will solve the problem QT4,QT5 The first conflict of .


Summary process :

1.. Write source file

2.. modify .pro

3.. Compile run


Final results run :

The upper window is too small , Window size needs to be changed .

Code to set window size :

QDialog w;



Then in order to move the font to the specified location , It can be used

QLabel label(&w);


Final display effect :


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