There's a little world in the code

There's a kid in every little world


    No matter how many lines of code are written

  I don 't care bug How many have been fixed

      No matter how many years have passed

  You may —— In a moment

I feel like a kid who hasn't grown up


          This year's June 1

        I want to call you to celebrate the festival


            No overtime ,

          Just watch the live broadcast


              Hair stupor


            Children's Day

          It must be


        6 month 1 8:00 p.m

        CSDN Live studio


【618 Programmer shopping day 】 Early bird special field !


      Whether you want to learn Python

        Still want to learn Java


  Or just want a mechanical keyboard that feels great

            Or a Book

This live broadcast is specially made for you


                by the way

  The host is brother Huaxu and the match maker with round face

                                              Brother Xu said : In fact, when learning , We are all students . Students , It's over 61 .


So don't worry about what we're doing live

    Anyway, they've been together for 61


of course , And a little gift of 1.61

              Just waiting for you ~

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