<> preface

Reading headlines recently , One brush to Programmer , It's all “ Youth meal ”,“35 Age is a barrier ”,“ Get ready for the sideline ”,“ Transfer ”,“ It's better to give it away ” Keywords such as , It's really sad .

<> Why is this phenomenon ?

I think the main reason is my own insecurity .IT Although the industry has a bright appearance , It's often associated with high pay , But in fact, the effort and pressure behind it are relatively greater . Need to keep learning , So as not to be eliminated . Continuous learning , For ordinary people , It's a challenge , A lot of people can't . With age , The improvement of self strength is not high , Of course, the company would like to replace you with a younger and cheaper guy .

<> How to survive ?

<> Horizontal development

Software engineering is not just a technical work , And it's not just technology . When you don't want to continue to specialize in technology , Personal soft power , Such as communication, coordination and expression ability , Leadership , It's also a bright spot , It's often something young people don't have . A company's annual meeting ,“ In the end , Can't write PPT Of ”, Soft power .

<> Vertical development

Technical expert route , This road is lonely and hard , You can't go on without interest . But it's often the most reliable , Because the management position of the company is a turnip and a pit after all , But everyone who works needs to , Especially those with strong technical ability .

<> Transfer

“ The world is so big , I want to see it ”. you bet , Life is long and short , Happiness is the most important , I can't get along , Or I can't stand it , You can do anything else . Kaididi , deliver the take-out , The body is tired , But it's easy !!!

<> other

When a monk strikes a clock one day , It'll be all right on the night .

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