How to find friends deleted by wechat ? Some tips of adding new friends deleted by wechat . Sometimes I accidentally deleted my wechat friends , I regret that I want to find it back , In the face of such a problem, I believe there are many small partners who don't know what to do . Here's how to delete and restore Android mobile wechat friends .

Skill 1 , Find friends according to the way of mutual interaction

Whether it's a friend's review , Like it or two people in the same group chat . According to these clues , As long as we follow each other's lead, we can find each other's microsignals , Then add it directly ~

Skill 2 , Patient waiting .

If they don't delete you , You're waiting for someone to talk to you , Talk to you , At this time, you will find a verification reminder message , Over verification , Ha ha, you made it .

Skill 3 , Restore your friends through elder martial brother Zhuo

We can use wechat to restore Masters —— Senior brother Zhuo App Scan the residual data in Android phone to recover the deleted friends , I think it's good after I test it by myself ! Recommended , Here are the specific steps .

First, let's open senior brother Zhuo , click 【 Wechat recovery 】, Then go to backup ( Read the backup tutorial carefully before backup !); Click new backup , Cancel all backup data options first, then find and click wechat options .

At this point, we should wait patiently for the backup to complete , After backup , Back to senior brother Zhuo APP, Click again 【 Wechat recovery 】, Start scan , After scanning , Click on our wechat , Finally, click Address Book , You can view our deleted friends ! Orange font represents deleted and recovered wechat friends ! In addition, you can search the content you want in the top search box ~

How to find friends deleted by wechat ? You can find it through the above methods , So don't worry , Just find the right recovery tutorial , Just follow the steps carefully . These are the methods and specific steps introduced for you , I hope it can help you .

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