A lot of people say , learn Java It's really hard . actually , It's true . But the reason why high pay is high pay , It's because it's so much harder to live . Today is my first blog , I still want to encourage and learn java Technology partners learn together . A lot of things have to be done , You know if you can make it .

okay , Let's see Java The first applet to get started .

public class Hello{ public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println(" Hello , My first Java program "); } }
When the program is finished, it will be output in the console “ Hello , My first Java program  ” This passage . Let's first analyze , How is the program executed ?

First, let's look at the first line :public class Hello Here is the definition of a name
Hello Class of , This class is public Decorated is open . We don't have to worry about what's public here , You can compare a class to a box , What's public is that everyone can “ notice ”
What's inside , It can be copied from this box ( inherit ) Go to another box .

Now let's see , Yes public static void main(String[] args)
  Such a line , So this line is the entry of this program . All programs start with this sentence in their code . The first thing to know is what this is , This is a method of the program , The name of the method is main
, This method is open , Static , Method without return value ,() It's a parameter list , Here is an array of strings , The name is args, In fact, this name can be modified , But the rule is the default name , It is used to store relevant input and output data that users do not need to care about . secondly , We said main The function of the method is shown in the following code . In this paper , There is only one sentence in it , That's action output
 “ Hello , My first Java program  
” The code of this passage . How did the program work out ? Or how did it come out , It's very simple . It's called System Class out Next println method . of course , You can try println Change to print, You will find that the output does not wrap . okay , Now you can see , actually Java The program is not as hard as you think . Want to learn it well ? Then work hard ~

My level is not high , The above is just my opinion , But I still want to help you .

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