Big Internet companies compete for data talents at high prices , For long-term development , Get a good salary , A lot of people moved to big data . This road is short of talents , But it's not easy to be an excellent Big Data Engineer : Nothing else , New technology of light learning ,
Consolidate old knowledge , It takes a lot of time and energy , It's not easy .

To help you improve your learning efficiency , Easy to find and use in the future , Here is a quick reference table of big data development code , It includes Spark,Hadoop and  Hive  Major knowledge points of big data development .

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Big data memory computing framework

Spark Know it and know it

It includes :Transformation operator ,Action operator .

Spark Know it and know it :Transformation operator

Spark Know it and know it :Action operator

Big data distributed file system

Hadoop  Know it and know it

It includes :Hadoop Shell ,HDFS Orders are hadoop fs and hdfs dfs Two styles , All available , Same effect .

Hadoop Know it and know it :Hadoop Shell

Big data distributed database

Hive  Know it and know it

It includes :Hive Built in function quick reference table , Specifically related , Mathematical and logical operators , numerical calculation , Date function , Conditional function , String function , Aggregate function , Advanced functions and window functions .

Hive Know it and know it : Relational operators

Hive Know it and know it : numerical calculation

Hive Know it and know it : String function

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Big data development code quick reference table

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