Beta The beta has been out for more than half a month , Everyone's new / Have you tried it in a small project ? with 2.0 The characteristics of 3.0 For beta ,3.0 Will default to lazy observation , Will be more effective , There will also be more accurate change notices ; It will be more convenient to operate , Let's explore today 3.0 What's special about .

Vue So popular , So have you ever thought about a question ?Vue,React Such a framework is already fundamental , What can we do better than others ?

Can be used independently Vue Writing a project is just entering a door , Under the background of the rapid development of today's technology , To be really skilled as a dare to speak Vue People of , Let's see if the following have passed the customs ?

01, basic skill

I've seen a lot of front-end applications Vue,React, Just give up JavaScript The cultivation of .

As a basic skill , No matter how the tools change , understand JavaScript bottom , understand JavaScript Characteristics of , No matter what tool you use, you can get it . Not solid foundation , There is a bug It takes a lot of time to locate the problem .

If you look at those front-end people , Front end architect , In addition to the technical level , They're designing patterns , Thinking and understanding of software engineering are excellent . And the premise is to have a solid foundation , Go to the superstructure .

What we need to learn :

1. JavaScript Operation mechanism of , Scope , Prototype chain , Variable characteristics and other underlying principles .

2. Design pattern , Structure thinking , Programming ideas , Common problems in software engineering .

02, Best practices

We all write routes .

But you know how to write the route to ensure the decoupling of multi route modules , Is it more convenient to add new routing module ?

We'll all be right Vue The final package of the project goes online .

But do you know how to write configuration files to optimize packaging speed ?

We all write components .

But do you know how to make a component a highly reusable component library ?

Questions like that , It is the most important factor to distinguish the level of front-end in practice , Many front-end programmers are too late to wait for the big factory offer, Break through the important factors of less than advanced front end .

The hard part for many people is , Programmers working in small and medium-sized companies , Write normal business code , Rarely have access to the excellent practice of large factories . If you have the chance to learn something like this in the future , Don't miss it anyway .

Here are some of your best practices :

1, Secondary packaging axios, Convenient project request and data operation

2,  Encapsulate utility Libraries , For project groups, common cookie,session, Functions such as character verification are encapsulated first .

3, For libraries that do not change frequently Dll pack , Faster packaging .

03, Source code

If you're looking for a job recently , More or less , I'll start to ask at the interview Vue Problems with the underlying source code . Since everyone can Vue, So the interviewer selects the talent , In addition to testing your programming skills , Understanding of best practices , Just ask you the source code . Leave it alone , As far as interview is concerned, source code is very important .

besides , Really understand the source code , The understanding of the tools used will rise one level . You'll find yourself writing again Vue come ,bug A lot less , Repair from bug It's going to be a lot faster .

But at the same time, many people also face a problem , I just can't understand the source code , Don't tell me. It's clear .


Here are some Vue The underlying principle of :

1, Data bidirectional binding ,Vue3 Previously passed get and set complete , and Vue3 Back pass proxy To complete .

2,Vue There is a virtual dom, In fact, virtual dom It's an internal json character string .

So friends at the front ,
I sincerely suggest that you don't lock yourself in the meeting Vue, In the mind of writing business code . Enterprises will only have higher and higher requirements for the front end . I hope you can search by yourself according to the above points , Don't be embarrassed to leave the company and lose your job .

ad locum , I have compiled a mind map of learning and growth of front-end engineers for you , I hope it can help you :

Collect by scanning the code

Front end engineer learning and growth thought map

of course , That's not enough , Recommend a learning platform —— Netease cloud classroom , Here is a free limited time live class for senior front-end technical experts ,
The course covers Vue Analysis of the design idea of , unit testing , Realize specialty from zero vue Carousel component ...

Also through the interpretation of the source code to cultivate everyone's programmer thinking , Help you understand the tools better , Also share practical interview skills .

5.13-5.16 Front end time limit 0 Metaclass

1. Source code :《 Take you to explore the front-end route ,vue-router Principle and source code 》

vue-router Principle of

vue-router Source code analysis

Handwritten a basic vue-router

2. skill :《 Things you don't know —vue Custom plug-in library and NPM integrate 》

Plug ins and components

How to use vue Make your own wheels

Integration to npm Official website

3. project :《 Necessary for advanced front end — stay vue How to proceed in the project ssr》

ssr What is it? ?

ssr What is the principle of ?

Transform your vue Project progress ssr

Deep and simple course of dry goods , There's no set , Scan more courses and add the front-end assistant of Netease cloud classroom , Can 0 Yuan get !

Collect by scanning the code

0 Yuanqianfeng Advanced Series live broadcast course

More advanced front-end information package free of charge

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