“ feed ? Who are you looking for? ?” Lin Xiao is a stranger , I can't help being curious .

  “ You are Lin Xiao ?” There's a male voice on the other end of the phone .

   I don't know why , It seems that Lin Xiao is not good at listening to each other's tone , But I can't figure out who it is , I have to confirm :“ you 're right , I am . You are? ?”

  “ I'm Yajuan's husband , She just ran out of the house . Tell me where she is , She's pregnant , I can't spare you if anything happens .” Hear Lin Xiao admit his identity , It seems that the other side can no longer resist the anger in his heart , Say it out loud .

  “ what ?” Lin Xiao heard that , I'm totally confused , He had no idea , He plays games in the dormitory alone , How could someone ask for a wife ?

   A moment later , Lin Xiaocai gradually responds , I can't help but feel angry , Say it bluntly :“ are you all right? , brother ? Your wife can't find you. You don't go out to find her , Why don't you ask me ?”

  “ I asked you , What is your relationship with Yajuan ?” The other side listened to Lin Xiao , Change the subject immediately .

  “ What is the relationship ? Classmate relationship .” The other side is Yajuan's husband after all , Lin Xiao doesn't want to be too stiff , To resist the urge to scold , Said impatiently .

  “ Classmate relationship ? Why are you two texting ?” The other side still said .

  “ what the fuck , What's wrong with texting ? You're sure it's just you , You didn't get your gender wrong ?” Why didn't Lin Xiao think of it , Being scolded for nothing , It's just a text message . He finally understood now , It must be Yajuan's husband , I saw that I was jealous with Yajuan's message just now .

   But Lin Xiao is really holding back , Since graduating from high school , He and Yajuan have never texted a few times . In Lin Xiao's impression , Except for this pregnancy , She sent several messages of blessing when she got married .

  “ Don't pretend to me . I warn you , If you contact Yajuan later , I'll break your leg .” The other side sees Lin Xiao as a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water , I can't help but threaten Lin Xiao .

   Now Lin Xiao has stopped working , When I was in junior high school , I've fought a war myself , Injured , It's been bullied to the end , It's tolerable ?

   So Lin Xiao turns to the phone , Growl loudly :“ Come to Yuzhong, Lanzhou, if you have any , I promise you never to return !” after one's words , Lin Xiao just hung up the phone .

   After that , Lin Xiao never heard from Yajuan again , And Yajuan's husband , Didn't call Lin Xiao again .

   But that's what happened , The friendship between Lin Xiao and Yajuan , It's not going to last .

   It's true , Four years , Lin Xiao has nothing to do with Yajuan , But she's here again .


  “ Lin Xiao , What are you thinking about? ?” Lin Li sees Lin Xiao in deep thought , Can't help interrupting .

  “ ha-ha , it 's nothing . I think of the past .” When Lin Xiao said that , Just meet Yajuan's eyes , Their expressions are not natural . But Lin Xiao's heart knot hasn't been untied , So I didn't speak to Yajuan .

   In Lin Xiao's mind , Yajuan must have known , I was scolded for nothing , But Yajuan didn't even say anything afterwards . This made Lin Xiaoduo a little unhappy , I always feel that Yajuan is forgetting her friends .

   Lin Li has always been a clever ghost , I can see the difference between them , A warning :“ Lin Xiao , Yajuan has a family with children , You can't move your mind .”

  “ Don't talk about it , Can I have a door in my mouth ?” Listen to this , I can't help but say it with some unhappiness .

  “ All right . If you put your mouth in there, there's a way .” Said Lin Li, sticking out her tongue .

   Hear that , Next to Yu Xia, he frowned , But he didn't talk .

   Although Yu Xia's movements are very small , But Lin Xiao caught it , I realized that I can't let Lin Li talk anymore , Lin Xiao quickly changed the topic :“ Don't you want to eat , let's go .”

   If most boys want to invite three beauties to dinner , I 'm sure I' ll find at least one restaurant that looks good . however , Lin Xiao is the opposite , He led the three girls straight to a night market stall , Shout at the boss :“ boss , A bowl of noodles in casserole .”

   after one's words , Lin Xiao said casually to the three girls :“ I ordered it , What would you like to order for yourself .”

   Lin Xiao pretends to be very poor , Want Lin Li and Yu Xia to leave . Why , It's because he thought about being on the construction site , Li Dan left without hesitation .

   That time , Let Lin Xiao really realize , Learning well is just a sign of a boy's excellence in his youth , And economic conditions , Is the foundation of a man's social standing .

   But Lin Xiao ignored it , A good impression of students' time , If it's not that the personalities of both sides have changed too much , It's hard to get rid of this strange feeling .

   Why Li Dan left , Because her character has begun to change . And Li Dan's family is pretty good , After leaving school , It's easy to reach some high-level people , It's hard to avoid changes in my heart .

   But Lin Li is different from Yu Xia , Both girls are from the countryside , People who come and go are those , That's why I can keep my innocence all the time .

   As for Lin Xiao , Except for being a lot rougher than when I was at school , There's not much change in character , Although the experience of this period has changed his mind , But Lin Xiao still keeps his own way of life , The style of feeling superior, light cloud and light cloud .

   in the final analysis , Or the charm of the game is too great , So Lin Xiao can't be in the virtual game world at all , Complete the real transformation .

   When the three girls order , Lin Li is the least embarrassed of the three women , One man was thinking back and forth with the menu .

   Yajuan's character was also careless , But maybe it's because of that , That's why Yajuan can't let go , So I didn't say a word when I ordered .

   As for Yu Xia, who has been quiet , Not to take the initiative to order , She'll always be there in silence , No one knows what she's thinking .

   After ordering , Lin Li was the first to open the conversation box , Turn to Yu Xia and say :“ Yu Xia , Don't you say you have something to say to Lin Xiao ? Let's talk now .”

   Why did Yu Xia think Lin Li would come here suddenly , The brain's going to be mushy in a second , Faltering :“ When did I say that ? Don't be a liar .”

  “ Come on . We two high schools and Lin Xiao are at the same table for two years , It's a little better . Just your character , If there wasn't something to say , You will be willing to come with me to meet Lin Xiao ?” Lin Li never used to look like a lady in summer , Can't help satirizing .

  “ I have something to do when I come to the county , It's just that I ran into you and Yajuan looking for him , It's on its way , Where can I meet him .” When Yu Xia said this , Eyes are free all the time , At first glance, it's insincere .

  “ Yo yo yo . Can you stop pretending ? I can't see it anymore .” Lin Li said without hesitation .

  “ Don't be bloody . Where do I have clothes ?” Seeing Lin Li's tit for tat with herself in summer , I can't help but get angry , But with her character , What can I say about Lin Li .

  “ You haven't ? Do you want me to help you ?” Look at Xia Si and don't admit it , Lin Li can only threaten to say .

  “ you ...... You dare .” Look at Lin Li's pressure , Almost angry in summer , But after a long time, I don't know how to refute it .

   Lin Li's idea that the method of arousing generals has no effect on Xia , I have to say it simply :“ forget it , If you don't, let me help you . Lin Xiao , Here comes Yu Xia ......”

  “ Here comes the food .”

   When Lin Xiao is about to interrupt Lin Li , The night market owner's voice suddenly rang in time , This can't help but give Lin Xiao a sigh of relief .

   Suddenly, I was interrupted , Lin Li also lost interest , The first battle between the two girls finally came to an end .

   But Lin Xiao is very clear , It's just the beginning . But anyway , Lin Li can only stop for a while , Because since the first dish , The back dishes and main foods were brought up again and again , So Lin Li didn't have a chance to talk .

   That's it. , A man and three women are eating silently , But anyone can feel it , It's just the calm before the storm .

   Before long , Lin Li is the first to put down her chopsticks , Staring at Lin Xiao, he said :“ Lin Xiao , You must know what we're talking about , You choose .”

  “ Okay ?” Lin Xiao is eating noodles in his mouth , Listen to this , Almost didn't spray the noodles into the bowl , A little bit later , Lin Xiaocai continued :“ What did you say? ? Please eat .”

  “ Hum ! Since you don't know , I'll just make it clear . Lin Xiao , You know we both loved you from high school , Now you've graduated , It's time to make an end . Now you can choose one , Who do you want to be your girlfriend ?”

   After Lin Li finished speaking , And Yu Xia both stare at Lin Xiao , The look of expectation in his eyes seems to devour Lin Xiao .


--------- Dividing line -----------


   Lin Xiao said , It's basically the same thing in college , He was so impressed by the fact . But it was only after Lin Xiao got married that he began to understand , If anyone dares to text his wife that he wants to be a father , He's probably going to ...... Hum !

   Think about what you were supposed to look like , Lin Xiao can't help but catch up , facepalm ing.

   by the way , Lin Xiao also said , In the last chapter, someone doubted him “ womanizer ” Identity of , He asked me to tell these people , Get ready to be slapped in the next chapter !


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