At the end of last year , I once interviewed an architect candidate . The candidate is a senior engineer of a large factory , Because of good technology , Take on some management work in the team . Project experience from his resume , I can see that his programming ability and technical depth are excellent , On some projects , Has undertaken part of the responsibility of architecture design , A potential candidate .

Several rounds of interviews , The interviewer commented on him very well , Programming ability and technical depth can pass the test . So when I interviewed , Starting from the project that he has done architecture design , Pick a few specific points to communicate in depth .

however , When I really surround “ architect ” Duty to investigate , But found out , He was right “ architect ” Understanding of , Still stay after receiving the demand , According to the product design, the realization stage is given .
For the next module decomposition , code refactoring , Technology selection , Performance optimization , Although he has some understanding and contact , But it's just too skinny , Lack of systematic understanding .

later , In the process of further communication with him , I send out such feelings : An engineer , If you can't think from an architect's point of view , Lead the team , Complete the architecture design and development of a system as a whole , You'll never know how to be an architect . And if he doesn't work as an architect , And there's never a chance to lead a team , Complete the architecture design and development of a system .

There seems to be a dead cycle here . Can you untie it ? Certainly. , From me 15 Years of experience as an architect , To break through this cycle , There are two key points .

first , You show excellent development ability , Let leaders believe , Even if you don't have experience in architecture design and leadership development , You can be an architect, too , To appoint you as an architect .

second , Before you became an architect , To master enough methods and skills for architecture . After being appointed architect , Don't mess things up , It's about being able to work in an orderly way , Fight your first battle of architecture design .

that , How to become an architect ? let me put it another way , What capabilities and qualities should a good architect possess ? in my opinion , A good architect , Must have  8 Big core competence :

Excellent programming ability

Ability to design documents

Module decomposition capability

Capability of large scale complex system architecture

Ability to master typical technical solutions

System optimization and ability to guarantee system stability

Data processing and application capabilities

Leadership and management

In order to help more architects and ideal programmers , I will open it with geek time 「  Architect training camp  」 The first 0
stage , Put my years of thinking , Experience the methods and practices of Architecture , The growth and cultivation of an architect . If this process can enlighten you , I will be very happy , If we can make the software development industry more scientific and standardized , I won't be honored .

Who am I? ?

I'm Li Zhihui , Chief architect of a front-line Internet company , Alibaba technology expert ,Intel Architect of Asia Pacific R & D Center . Me too. Apache Spark
Source contributor , Long term engagement in large website architecture , Research and development of big data , author 《 Technical framework of large website : Core principles and case analysis 》.

My projects include Alibaba distributed NoSQL storage system Doris , Alibaba unified distributed cache framework Baza , Alibaba unified security encryption and decryption framework Circe
,Intel Big data performance analysis and diagnosis system Dew , Japan's largest online ticketing system . I'll be in training camp , Take you to break down some of them in detail .

in addition , I have more than 6
Offline consultation in , Internal training experience of enterprise structure , Once given to Huawei , Sogou , safety , Bank of China and other enterprises have conducted internal training related to architects , As an external teacher for Zhejiang University 《 Advanced object oriented programming 》 curriculum . If you use geek time , You should see what I made on it 《 from
0 Start learning big data 》《 Back end technical interview 38 speak 》 Two columns .

???? What is a good architect in my heart ?

How can I lead you to become an architect ?

I will continue  15  During the week , Weekly live lectures 5 hour , Take you through  11 Module learning , Disassembly  14 Cases
. in the meantime , In addition to live teaching , I'll give you homework , Help you practice , There will also be regular live Q & A , Help you solve problems and what you want to know beyond the course . in addition , I will also work with the head teacher of geek University , Set up a very excellent teaching assistant team , Problems encountered in the learning process that help you to solve at any time .

On the design of course content , The training camp also has the following characteristics :

1. Design the course content around the post responsibilities of Architects , What you learn is what you use .

My teaching and research team in Geek time , Carefully studied the architect recruitment of more than ten Internet factories JD, It abstracts out the responsibilities of the architect , And then around these responsibilities and the architects I mentioned 8
Big core competence , Designed the content of the course .

The course covers all aspects of the architect's work , Start with the output of the schema document , Ergodic frame design , Module decomposition , Code refactoring and other basic work , It also includes the system architecture , Technology selection , performance optimization , Safety and stability , Data application , technological innovation , The skills that technology must master to manage these architects .

???? Refined outline

2. Disassembly 14 Practical cases of big factory structure , Make up for the missing experience in your job .

I selected practical cases with reference and representative value , Desensitize them , iteration , optimization , Integrate into the course after packaging , Restore high concurrency for you , High flow work scenario , Make up for what you're doing , Regret of not being able to experience a big project , Actual combat through cases , Master the ability of an architect .

3. Introduction to interview questions , Help you through the architect interview .

In addition to actual combat cases , I will also integrate the true explanation of architect interview in different aspects , Restore the interview scene for you , Understand architect's responsibility and ability through interview questions .

last ,“ help to the end ”, There's also an ultra-high value service , That's enterprise push . Geek University team , For every student who needs to change their job after graduation , Two Internet factories in one year ,600+
Internal push service of kunpenghui Enterprises . This service is not limited to beishangguangshen , Anywhere .

How to join ?

1. The first 0 Start at the end of the month , Limited time offer ¥2799( original price ¥3999). Through picture below or bottom “ Read the original ” link , To access the page , Sign up now . Xiaohui fans can use it again
¥200 Preferential password :XIAOHUI14, Only 2 Within days .

???? Scan code to sign up

2. A lot of programmers who want to be Architects , Suffering from the inability to experience large-scale cases , I'll share it with you today, including Ali , Meituan , Baidu and other companies 432 Big factory structure cases
, Scan code to add learning Consultant , You can get it for free .

???? The case of scanning code and leading large factory

The road is blocked and long , Line will arrive . Sincere hope , You can be in an architect training camp , Realize the dream of becoming an excellent architect .

Become a good architect together ????

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