After college , With a little JAVA Knowledge and J2EE knowledge , I found a good job , from that time on , I started my JavaWeb The road of Engineers .

Today, I will review and summarize the programming knowledge I have learned in recent years .

One , development language

Java: From learning Java From now on 8 More than years , This is a development language that I am deeply involved in , Still in use . For those who have no object , Study java after , You can do it yourself new One , What kind of object do you want , He has the final say .

Two ,Web Basics
1,HTML: Elements contained in the web page , What the web page shows , such as : Title , Paragraph, etc .
2,CSS: Style of page elements , Responsible for layout and presentation of web elements , such as : Font color , Form beautification, etc .
3,JavaScript : Behavior of web page elements , Responsible for handling events and behaviors of web elements , such as : click , Elastic frame , Drag, etc .
4,jQuery:jQuery It's a JavaScript library .jQuery Greatly simplified JavaScript programming .
5,AJAX: Without reloading the entire page ,AJAX It is a technology to exchange data with server and update some web pages , It's asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Three ,J2EE system
1,JSP:JSP And PHP,ASP,ASP.NET And so on , Language running on the server ,JSP The file suffix is (*.jsp).
2,Servlet:Servlet To create a web Provides component-based , Platform independent approach ,Servlet Have access to all Java
API, Including JDBC API.

Four , data base
1,SQL:SQL Is a standard computer language for accessing and processing databases , Database operation must be proficient sql.
2,Oracle:Oracle Is a paid relational database management system , Powerful , I've been using Oracle data base .
3,Mysql:Mysql Is the most popular free relational database management system .
4, Database visualization tools :PLSQL Developer.

Five , Server middleware
1,Tomcat: At present, it is more popular Web application server .

Six , operating system
1,Linux:Java Web Common operating systems for application deployment , Basic data operation and shell Script .

Seven , Open source framework
The most commonly used framework combination is ssh.

1,Struts2:Struts2 Is based on MVC Design pattern Web Application framework , It is essentially equivalent to a servlet, stay MVC In design mode ,Struts2 As controller (Controller) To establish data interaction between model and view .

2,Hibernate:Hibernate Is an open source object relational mapping framework , Encapsulated JDBC, It will POJO Mapping with database tables , It's a fully automatic orm frame ,java Programmers can use object-oriented thinking to operate databases .
3,Spring:Spring Committed to providing a way to manage your business objects , Its characteristic is to support log or things through face-to-face , Low coupling between programs is promoted by inversion of control .

Eight , development tool
Eclipse:Eclipse Is an open source , Be based on Java Extensible development platform of . It has been used in development in recent years .

Nine , Code management tools
SVN:SVN Is an open source version control system , For multiple people to jointly develop the same project , Purpose of shared resources .

Ten , Programming is a process of continuous in-depth learning , New things and new technologies emerge in endlessly , Only keep learning , Can keep up with the development of the times .

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