first , I really appreciate lifelong learning , I always ask myself and practice in this way .
But there are still some problems , Hope to discuss with you .

0. The use of knowledge

It's very approbate to use what you learn . So that we can remember , And deeper insights . But the problem is that there won't be so many different technology stack projects in time for you to do , If it's just a personal project , That value is only a toy level project . thus , Depth of technical understanding , Or a stepped hole , Not enough to compare with experts .
1. What to learn ?
- Various technology stacks ? New technologies emerge in endlessly .
2. How deep to learn ?
- Superficial words , I can't even handle the interview .
- Deep analysis , Too much time .
3. Where to learn ?
- Participate in open source projects , Lead to some inefficiency of time input-output ratio .
Targeted company training , It may be very direct to learn the skills necessary for the moment . But it's a rare opportunity for most programmers , In addition, it should be the fields and skills that I have never taught myself before , That is to say, the depth of training should be suitable for you , It's meaningful to improve yourself .
- Pay through training courses and knowledge , It's very rewarding . But system learning usually takes 1~2 Months , And finish the project by hand to realize the essence .
4. How to learn ?
- If we learn systematically before we use it in our work , A lot of time is invested in the early stage . And this kind of situation is mostly for the purpose of changing one's own field or work type to have such determination and perseverance .
for instance , If you keep writing the business code , There's not much chance of getting to know the bottom of the technology . For further study , I can only spend more spare time . When you have a systematic and in-depth study , Change of work type or position , That starts from the junior position of the new type of work . After a few years , Will repeat the same cycle again ?
- Practice while learning , Trot fast , Fast iteration : I feel that there is always a lack of subtle knowledge , More time is needed to solve the underlying problems , And then it's better to spend time learning systematically .
5. Persistence of knowledge !

Even if some knowledge is systematically learned , But a lot of knowledge goes out of date quickly in the actual work . For example, after the Framework version is updated , lose one's beyond recognition , The value of what we have learned in the present is sharply reduced . There are many more 10 Technology with more than years of history , Now gradually fade out of the mainstream market .
If later engaged in management post or architect , Areas or skills that you've learned a lot of time do help , But maybe for a new job , You have to keep learning new skills and technology stacks .

Share the doubts on the spot , I'll make it up later .
I hope you can give me some advice .

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