Yesterday , I've been talking to a good friend of my old employer for a long time , We're all talking about how young people are looking for partners , She also talked about her troubles , Some of her requirements and opinions .

I've known her for a long time , She's really positive , People are also very good , The family conditions are invincible , It's also very good looking .

What can I do for her ? I want to help her write a dating article , I'm on a roll , Let me tell you her basic information and requirements .

base book letter interest

date of birth :1996 year

height :168cm

weight :46kg

birthplace : Hangzhou

Current residence : Hangzhou

Education : Undergraduate

Occupation : liberal professions ( It was a product in my old company )

since I Medium Shao


It looks a little cold , I don't speak much when I first touch , I'm familiar with many words , If you don't like the person who likes me, you will be directly indifferent to the relationship with the other party , If it's his boyfriend, he will show his gentle side .


Like movies , Music , Conduct financial transactions , Love to cook , do housework .

reason Think Yes as

Age :25-27 year .

Appearance : height 175 Above , Higher is better .

character : Sunshine , have a fine sense of humour .

Education : Bachelor degree or above .

coordinate : Hangzhou locals are the best .

Bonus points : Can cook , Points for cleanliness , Yang Guan warm male bonus .

The character and three views of friends are very good , Her condition is very good , She likes a better boy , I also like boys who can take care of people , Her family arranged for him to meet many boys with excellent conditions. She didn't go , Mainly hope to find the right person through their free love , Please forward it to the people around you , Let my friend get rid of the single as soon as possible ha ha .

There will be more dating topics in the future , We all need it , Can contribute , Internet people's single problem , It's time to fix it .

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