@Transactional Several cases of transaction not rolling back after code exception in :
@Transactional Apply to non public On the way of decoration .
protected TransactionAttribute computeTransactionAttribute(Method method,
Class<?> targetClass) { // Don't allow no-public methods as required. if
(allowPublicMethodsOnly() && !Modifier.isPublic(method.getModifiers())) {
return null; }

Method calls in the same class , cause @Transactional invalid . For example, there is a class Test, One of its methods A,A Call the method of this class again B( Regardless of method B Yes public still private modification ), But the method A No annotation transaction declared , and B The methods are . Method is called externally A after , method B 's business won't work .
use try   catch It's your fault catch“ Eat ” cause @Transactional invalid

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