How to restore chat records deleted by wechat without computer ?2 How to recover wechat records in minutes . Our mobile wechat needs to receive hundreds of wechat chat content every day , Apart from chatting among friends , Now many people will choose to communicate on the job through wechat , So chat records on wechat are becoming more and more important . therefore , At ordinary times , It's better to make a backup first , Otherwise, it will cause some unnecessary troubles !

the other day , My relative's bear kid always wanted to play with my cell phone , At last, I was so obsessed that I could only play for him , I thought I would play games at most , I don't know if it was intentional , Or disorderly operation , I can't believe I can help you clear the wechat record . No important records on wechat , therefore , We'll have to find a way to fix it . But it's okay , Finally, I found it . Let's share with you .

We can go through —— Elder martial brother Zhuo, wechat recovery master to recover . first , In the mobile app store or browser , Find and download good software in Baidu search , Then find out from many functions of the main page “ Wechat Icon ”, Start data recovery .

Step 1 : Open elder martial brother Zhuo App; Click wechat Icon , Go to backup ; Click new backup , Then select the data to back up , Click wechat options , Wait for backup to complete ;

Step 2 : After backup , Back to senior brother Zhuo APP, Click wechat icon again , Start scan , Click chat record option of scan result , Switch to show deleted , Orange represents deleted recovered data ! No computer operation is required in the whole process , You can try it out , So download and scan the deleted database to see if there is any data message that can be recovered !

generally speaking , Wechat chat content deleted by Android phone can be recovered , Why is that ?

ad locum , We need to understand how data recovery works : Data coverage . generally speaking , The deleted data will not be removed immediately , Still in the cell phone , When new data comes in , After overwriting the old data , That's how the data really disappears .

therefore , After Android mobile data is lost , We should try our best to avoid using mobile phones , Prevent new data from overwriting old data , And then through professional data recovery in time ( for example : Wechat Recovery Master —— Senior brother Zhuo ) Restore , Normally , There's still a lot of possibility of being repaired . Treat data recovery rationally , Of course, it's also important to get into the habit of backing up data , So you don't have to worry about data loss !

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