occasionally , When you are happy , Think about whether others are unhappy because of you ,     
Maybe it should be , Pay more attention to words and color . Happiness is not just a smile on your face , But ignore the loneliness in the heart ." Loneliness is also a kind of beauty ", Once wrote a composition on it , Now I'm afraid of loneliness , Afraid of this kind of beauty ! Contradiction in the mind ?
       Thought life was long , But never thought about it , Life is short . suddenly , Disillusionment in 07.6.1 Children's Day . It's not a child, is it ? I really want to go back to that naive Era . Although lonely , But no worries . Now? , Thin heart can't hold so much . Or stay happy , Or leave the pain . pain ? Once upon a time , But it's fixed so fast . Maybe I haven't really suffered in my heart ; Maybe in my heart , Pain is so fragile .
       Living in such a family , From a sensible person , Never cried . But want to know the taste of tears , Sweet ? Salty ? Or bitter ? I don't know why poor people are happy , Some cry, but not least ? Do they see through life , Think that you are doomed to poverty rather than happiness , Some are unwilling to be poor , Use tears to vent , With tears as motive force . I have no answer . Maybe they're all right . Maybe the one who cried at the end succeeded , And the happy ones slowly shed the long lost tears , Really enjoy the taste of tears , A poor life , I think it's the tired of staying salty !
seawater , blue , elegant and quiet . So I gave it a name " Light and pure spirit ". I don't know why . There's only one feeling . When it flows through my fingers , My heart was throbbing . It's a fairy , Washing the filth of the world , Dust of the mind . But the world is always too fake . It hides its filth , dust . This hypocritical world , But also make me so nostalgic . Sometimes I feel sad , And self consolation : This is the world , The world is drunk, you wake up alone , Is it interesting ? therefore , It's going into a state of stupor .
I really want to wake up from my stupor . But he was bound by his thoughts . Half asleep and half awake , I can't jump through time and space , Find quiet , Pure land . perhaps , I'm too fanciful . Total hope , The world is real , chaste .
     perhaps , See the world from different perspectives , It's real , chaste . It's just that I haven't found the right angle yet .     
Dream that you can see through life , But I don't think we can see through life . Negative and positive perspectives are quite different .     
perhaps , When life sleeps to the quiet forgetting River , To be truly free . Real Awakening . Have a day of your own , land , Static soil . And myself , In the world , Silence !

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