Excellent programmers have 8 Seed quality , How many kinds do you have ?

1, Like to explore if there is a simpler way

《 Yijing 》 Be honored “ Hundred classics ” First , There are three meanings of Yi : One is change , Second, it is not easy , Third, simplicity .《 easy 》 Each hexagram in is composed of six trigrams , Every dog has its own words , It's easy to refine the condition of each animal , But it's changing . Good programmers are good at simplifying complex problems , One breakthrough , Positioning issues .

2, Team spirit and cooperation ability

Collaboration is the essence of any team , Is to build selfless dedication based on mutual trust , Team members complement each other . Good programmers know that the power of a team is far greater than that of a person . No individualism , The team not only emphasizes individual work results , More emphasis on the overall performance of the team . Teams rely on more than just brainstorming and decision making , It also emphasizes the common contribution of its members . We know that a chopstick is broken gently , But put more chopsticks together , It's hard to break it .

3, Innovation and refinement

Excellent programmers are good at innovation and refinement , Curious about new technology .

4, Clear organization

beyond all doubt , Excellent programmers have a clear way to solve problems , Do things in an orderly way . Write code that looks like a pleasure .

5, Ability to write notes and documents

Most people think that programming is writing code , in my opinion , This view is one-sided . Software consists of code and documents , Good programmers not only write good code , At the same time, it has a strong ability of annotation and document writing . Good notes and documents are very important in the formal R & D process , If the software is missing comments and documents , Then the project will be upgraded later , Troubleshooting and module reuse will encounter great trouble . I used to spend two days locating a problem , Just because the project doesn't have a document , Need to view business logic according to code logic .

As a general programmer , spend 20% It is necessary to write technical documents during working hours of . And good programmers , Pay more attention to the ability to write notes and documents . Their literary talent is also quite good .

6, Ability to learn and summarize

Excellent programmer , Good at learning new technology , Also good at summarizing , For example, blogging , Summary is important .

7, Full of passion

Keep a passion for work .

8, Full of ideals

TV play 《 Public enemy of women 》 There is such a line in it ,“ You can't be smart , But you can't help it .” Have fun at work . For things of interest , We can do things with half the effort . Really put into work , What is needed is a positive attitude .

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