How to restore deleted wechat chat records ? With the development of science and technology , Mobile phone has become a product that we carry with us at any time , We'll take it wherever we go , Wechat in mobile phone is one of the most popular tools we use , Sometimes when we use wechat, we may delete chat records by mistake , So how can we restore the deleted wechat chat records ? How to restore deleted wechat chat records ? Next, I will introduce some easy-to-use wechat chat record recovery methods .

Method 1 ,

To restore deleted wechat chat records , We can try wechat for recovery , Let's open wechat on the computer , After opening , Click on the three bars in the lower left corner , Select backup and recovery options .

After selection , Click the resume chat to mobile option on the right , You can restore the chat records stored in the wechat of the computer to the mobile phone .

Method 2 ,

Of course, some of them may not have used wechat , We can also search and download directly in app or browser “ Mobile Data Recovery Wizard ”, Recover wechat chat records we deleted directly with Mobile Data Recovery Wizard .

Next, we open the mobile phone to download the good mobile data recovery wizard , Then select the wechat recovery function

After selection , Click the self recovery button in the upper right corner , Go to the next screen , Finally, click restore to restore the deleted wechat chat record .

These are two ways to restore wechat chat records , Do you have it , In case of deletion by mistake , You can use the above method to recover .

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